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How VCE Vblocks Systems Help Simplify Business Virtualization


VCE is a coalition formed by international tech companies VMware, Cisco and EMC. Together, they are dedicated to the advancement and promotion of cloud computing and virtualized environments. VBlocks are some of their latest projects. They are a converged infrastructure designed to help companies make the switch to virtualization. If you are a business owner interested in firewall management and employing virtualization in your company, you may want to consider the benefits of VCE’s innovation.


VBlocks are self-contained data center systems. They consist of elements from the three VCE tech companies. Those elements include switches and servers from Cisco, VMware virtualization software and EMC storage. Together, these components create a powerful data center that can be used to improve business operations for any company. Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, there is an option for you. The systems are pre-configured in several ways which means that businesses get to choose which VBlocks are right for them. Units of power, weight and data center planning are all features that you will be able to take into consideration. For a versatile virtualization system that you can customize to your needs, consider VBlocks and never worry that your company will become the next victim to a situation like the Premera Data Breach.

Lowers Cost

Because VBlocks are consolidated systems, they can help save your business money. By centralizing your IT system with VBlocks, you can save money in several areas of business. For example, you can reduce facilities costs, including power, which may actually be bad news for semiconductor companies. Additionally, users will not need as many IT staffers on hand. VCE provides system management and support options to improve productivity and maintain your system with specialized professionals. Studies also show that businesses have saved up to 78% on network hardware. If you want a reliable IT system that will virtualize your business and help cut costs, VBlock is the one for you.


If you do your due diligence, you will find that Vblocks will help to make your IT staff operations much  more efficient. The International Data Corporation, or IDC, found that Vblock systems made it five times faster for businesses to market new services. They cut lag time from 25 days to 5 days. This is hugely beneficial to improving efficiency for your IT staff. If you want to make your business more efficient, consider implementing a Vblock system as soon as possible.

Easy To Install

One of the most important advantages of Vblocks that factors into many business owners’ decisions to go with this service is the ease of install. Downtime is a serious concern for any successful business. With EMC, downtime is not a concern at all because it is so easy to install and therefore easy to integrate at any business. In fact, it is as easy as using cartridges was back in the old days. These Vblocks use a turnkey approach that affords businesses a pre-integrated solution. The easy Vblocks install is a huge advantage for business owners considering the service.

Simplifies Operations

VBlocks are considered by some as “data centers in a box.” However, they are much more than that. The VBlocks system includes storage, management and security for a pre-qualified virtualization environment. These blocks will improve application performance and significantly simplify business operations. Because it is a contained smart grid data center made up of compatible parts you will never have trouble integrating new applications on this system.

Better For Customers

The smooth integration of cloud computing software through VBlocks is essential to providing your customers with a pleasant experience as well. The blocks ensure that users enjoy reliable cloud computing with minimal effort, unlike other drive savers. This means that your employees are free to focus on your customers. This device by VCE will allow you to have a more productive, more customer friendly company. If you want to provide your customers with the products and services they deserve, consider using VBlocks.

VCE Changes

VCE, the company that makes Vblocks, is a part of the larger EMC Federation. Recently, EMC merged with Dell to gain strength against other converged groups, like Nutanix or Shavlik. This means that VCE will be repositioning themselves over the coming months in order to secure its role in the larger Dell-EMC conglomerate. If you are considering bringing Vblocks to your organization, make sure to reach out to the company to see how this merger may affect you.

Reducing overhead costs and freeing up employees through the simplified VBlocks or Vbrick systems will bring enormous benefits to both you and your customers. VBlock systems offer a wide variety of pre-configured IT options so that your business can make a smooth transition into virtualization. If you want a contained data center that does it all, make VBlocks your new IT system.

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