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HP Vertica Advantages For Precise Analytic Database Management


HP Vertica is an analytic database management software company. Their services are designed to help users manage fast-growing volumes of data and provide fast query performance. Vertica is especially useful for businesses who want to keep track of their analytics and performance. If you are considering the software for your business, it is not quite as simple as choosing a printer, there are many important factors to consider. Below are some of the pros and cons of Vertica software. Consider these before you make your decision.

Con: Scaling

For use in a multi-petabyte scale, Vertica may fall short. Adding notes to the cluster in Vertica can severely slow down performance. This may only be the case for extremely large clusters. However, it does happen. So this is definitely something to be aware of before making a decision whether or not to buy Vertica.

Pro: Easy To Use

Many reviews of the HP Vertica software cite that the program is largely intuitive and easy to use for the average IT worker, just like Accutype. Vertica allows you to manage tables and customize queries with ease. Additionally, the program offers comprehensive training to support employees during the software transition. This data warehouse can churn out analytics reports with ease. The interface is polished and simple, making it very user-friendly. Vertica provides users with a fast and easy way to access all of their data. With it, you are sure to have access to all of the information and tools you could need for your business. If you are looking for an analytic database system for your company, you may want to consider Vertica.

Con: Few Helping Hands

Vertica is owned by HP, which means that it is a private and, in other words, costly just like overclocking CPU processes. Vertica offers a 30 day free trial as well as a Community edition. However, many business will end up paying for the complete version, and that could be costly. Aside from the price however, users are also concerned with the fact that the software is not open-sourced. This means that its distribution is dependent upon HP. Many clients seem to prefer the security of an open-sourced program that cannot be discontinued. Additionally, some found that even with private ownership of the software, there was little material available to help with setup or troubleshooting. HP has an excellent customer service and training option, but many clients wish for more in-depth reading material that they could access at their leisure. If you are looking for a software system that is run by a community of helping hands, HP Vertica is not for you.

Pro: Data Storage

HP Vertica can significantly decrease your company’s data storage footprint, making configuring MTU a much easier task. The software’s advanced coding schema allows it to operate directly on encoded data. This saves you space and hassle when dealing with large amounts of data. Additionally, Vertica makes data storage easier with a columnar store and no indexing structures to maintain. This is accomplished by using a data storage disk which can run transparently as a background process. If you are looking for a software system that can store all of the data you need, Vertica is a great option for you and your business.

Con: Slow Backup

Although Vertica is excellent when it comes to data storage, the software system does run into a few problems when dealing with extraordinarily large amounts of data for iptables and more. Most notably, Vertica has difficulty loading very large amounts of data. Whether this is for a backup or an upload, the program may lag when trying to process extra data. The software may also show signs of strain when attempting to log multiple queries concurrently. Their query optimizer cannot always handle a significantly large workload. If your company deals with an unusually large amount of data and needs it to be processed very quickly, HP may not be the right solution for you.

Pro: Projections

Projections are one of the main Vertica Advantages that makes people decide to go with system for their supercomputer. Vertica projections are similar to the Query rewrite. These projections are basically just materialized views that are not summarized. You can use them to define a customized sorting or distribution scheme with or without joins. Projections from Vertica are certainly a great advantage.

Vertica is a well respected software system that can be truly beneficial to your company. If you are on the market for an analytics database management system that makes swiftkey data entry easy, it is important to consider how Vertica may or may not benefit you. If you use Vertica, leave us your review in the comments!

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