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Top Video Email Software Solutions To Achieve Digital Marketing Goals

Video email software is an incredibly useful tool for digital marketing. However, there are some software options that outperform others by a long shot. Using the top video email software solutions will exponentially improve the performance of your email marketing campaigns. Find out what the best video email tools are that fit your business marketing needs below.


Covideo is a flexible video email software option that is easy to use. It offers a perfect solution to easily create videos for your marketing emails. That makes it a great fit for business owners who do not have a lot of experience creating marketing emails on their own. It also makes it a great choice for business owners who barely understand reformatting computer settings. With Covideo, all you have to do is copy the video URL they create for you and embed it in your email. If you need an easy-to-use video email marketing software, consider Covideo.


MailVU video software is perfect for creating video content and sending it to your contact list effortlessly. With MailVU, producing video content of ten minutes or fewer easier than ever. The software also has some additional marketing tools to design marketing videos that are flawless. MailVU users are billed for a monthly subscription to pay for the service. The contact management features included make this one of the most affordable video marketing tools that still helps you get the job done from start to finish. Consider this email marketing software if you need CRM tools included.


BombBomb software offers users a free trial to experience all their video email marketing tools. It is one of the most comprehensive email marketing solutions available today. BombBomb includes tools to help you create marketing videos. In addition, it includes tracking and data analytics tools to help you learn and improve future marketing campaigns. This software is compatible with DidTheyReadIt and other email marketing software, which makes it easy to integrate for business. The email marketing platform is one of the best to experience all the latest marketing technology that will help you achieve your objectives.


Play is the email video software with drag and drop capabilities. That makes it the best solution for those users who are new to email marketing and video content. The drag and drop features make it easy to create marketing emails with video content on your own. This way, you do not have to pay some digital marketing professional to take over your email marketing campaigns. If you are not skilled at designing marketing emails with video, consider using the Play email video software.


TailoredMail takes care of the hard stuff for you. This email marketing software uploads your videos for. They also encode and embed videos into your marketing emails too! Then, this video marketing tool makes it possible to easily track and analyze data in an organized fashion. No need for you to manage data organization on your own. If you need a video email marketing software that takes care of most of the work for you, consider using TailoredMail.

For business owners, email marketing can make or break your success. That is why using videos in your marketing emails is so important. Video marketing emails receive higher engagement. They also have a larger potential to go viral than those that just use basic CPQ software. Use one of the top video email software solutions mentioned above to experience the benefits video content can have on your marketing outcomes.

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