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Top 5 Virtualization Technology Solutions To Improve Server Utilization

Virtualization technology enables a CPU to act as several different machines. This is incredibly useful when you need to run multiple operating systems on a single device. However, there are many virtualization solutions out there for you to choose form. If you are a small business owner hoping to buy the best virtualization technology money can buy, keep reading below for a comparison of the top virtualization solutions available on the market today.


When it comes to virtualization technology, VMware is the industry leader. VMware has dominated the server virtualization space for several years now; and with good reason. Almost every major data center in the world is a VMware partner. That is probably because of all the helpful features. VMware has the ability to clone machines, take OS snapshots, replay OS changes and record software test results. Consider one of the many VMware product offerings if you only want the best of the best.

Parallels Desktop

Parallels Desktop is the perfect virtualization software for Mac users. The software can run Windows, OS X, Linux and many other virtual machines. In addition, Parallels virtualization technology offers incredibly simple setup for even the most novice techie. Unfortunately, this software only runs under OS X. If you own a Windows computer, this is not the solution for you. However, if you own a Mac and want the easiest and fasted virtualization software with tight Windows integration, Parallels Desktop software is the one for you.

Microsoft Hyper-V

Microsoft Hyper-V is the only non-Linux hypervisor available in the area of virtualization solutions. The Microsoft virtualization software allows you to consolidate workloads without the need for overclocking CPU hardware. This will help you to improve server utilization overall. In addition, the software is also incredibly easy to set up, and allows you to deploy new virtual servers in a few short minutes. Microsoft Hyper-V software also provides comprehensive security measures, which is a must in today’s virtual environment. If you want an affordable virtualization technology solution, consider Microsoft Hyper-V.

Sun xVM VirtualBox

VirtualBox virtualization software, now Sun xVM VirtualBox, is a free virtualization solution that has an incredibly loyal following. The virtualization technology offers cross-platform support. You can use it no matter what type of machine you have. In addition,VirtualBox has an incredible array of tools. This includes their Guest Additions feature, which allows you to install software that allows you to grant privileges to host machines on any virtual machine. If you need a free virtualization software that does not skimp on useful tools and features, Sun xVM VirtualBox software may be the perfect fit.


QEMU is the perfect virtualization technology for Linux machines. The software allows for auto-resizing virtual disks, which is incredibly helpful. In addition, with QEMU it is possible to run on hosts without administrative privileges. The software is also capable of emulating machines across hardware types by utilizing dynamic translation. This makes for a seamless work flow, no matter what type of machine you use, even if it is a VAX computer. That is why this virtualization tool is such a fan favorite. Consider QEMU if you need these particular benefits.

If you are a small business owner looking to start using some of the best virtualization tools available today, consider the solutions mentioned above. These virtualization technology solutions allow you to seamlessly operate multiple systems within a single piece of hardware. They also come with a ton of helpful features to simplify your workflow. Consider the virtualization software mentioned above to have the best computing experience possible.

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