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Google VirusTotal Data Security Tool Makes Important Policy Changes

virustotal-security is a website run by Google that is designed to detect viruses, worms, trojans and other kinds of malware in files and websites. Although it is not meant to be your first line of defense against viruses, can provide an enormous security boost. However, not everyone knows the many ways in which is available for use. Check out all the ways that you can use to protect your computer from invaders.


The first place you can use is through the web. The site itself has an easy upload option available on its homepage. Enter a URL into the search bar or upload a file and viola! The web interface has the highest scanning priority out of all available submission methods. This means that your file or URL will be checked thoroughly and quickly for any malicious codes or software. This is the most basic and accessible way of using, so it is important to know how the web scanner can help protect your computer.

App also offers a security solution for downloading apps, like those offered by Aventail. Their app, VirusTotal, will check the applications already installed on your phone as well as any future downloads for any form of malware. It will scan your applications through 40 antivirus analyzers, flagging anything that seems suspicious. However, the app does not offer real-time protection. Do not expect it to catch everything if you are not diligently referring to VirusTotal before you open or download anything on your phone. Knowing the ways that you can protect your phone will be just as beneficial as securing your computer. Phones often get overlooked in the antivirus world but now you have a new way to check for malicious apps.


In addition to the website and app, scanning is also available by email. You can upload files to your email and receive scan results straight to your inbox by sending the attachments to for review. They can scan XTML or email attachments of up to 32MB in size. However, this submission form is of the lowest priority for their scanners, so it may take more time to go through the system. Having this virus scanning software available by email can give you peace of mind before you accidentally download and spam files. Now you know that you can send them straight to

Browser Extension

If you want even easier access to the scanning software as an alternative to Mirapoint, Google Chrome offers a browser extension for just that. With VTchromizer you can instantly scan links as you browse the web. Once you download the extension, all you have to do is right-click the link you want to check and an option to “Scan with VirusTotal” will appear. That way, you can easily ensure that every link you click is safe for your computer. This browser option is great to keep in mind when you want an accessible, reliable way to check links for viruses.

Unexpected Malicious Uses

There is also an unexpectedly malicious reason that some developers use Google VirusTotal, a service intended to help, not hurt internet security. However, hackers are now using the service to test the code for their hacking tools. The site learned of well-known hacker teams using VirusTotal to test the ability of their code to get around all the most common security measure. While this is unsettling, the company is sure to crack down on this malicious users soon. goes above and beyond just a scanning website. With a variety of options available to check files and URLs for malware, is a great boost to your software security, even in promiscuous mode. Whether it be by phone, web or email, you will be better protected by using the services provided at But first, you should be aware of some recent changes.

VirusTotal Policy Change

Very recently, VirusTotal made a change to their policy that they say is designed to make a stronger community. According to the company, the new policy change is only being put in place to make the VirusTotal community healthy and stronger. Much like free open source database software, the service used to be available to anyone and everyone. What is this new change and what does it mean for VirusTotal users? Prior to the change, VirusTotal’s data was being misused by some companies in order for them to benefit from other people’s work. The new policy seeks to prevent this abuse by requiring users to integrate a detection scanner and receive AMTSO certification. Fear not, if you are not abusing the service this change will not effect you at all.

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