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Guide To Top VMware Flings For Cloud And Virtualization Services


VMWare is a subsidiary of Dell Technologies that provides cloud and virtualization software services. If you enjoy keeping up with the latest technology, VMWare is definitely a company to look out for. In addition to making great strides in virtualization, VMWare also develops other products on the side, like VMWare Flings, to keep innovation alive. VMWare Flings is not a windirstat alternative, it is much more. If you are interested in learning more about VMWare Flings and how they are impacting technology today, keep reading below.

What Is Virtualization?

Virtualization refers to the process of creating a virtual (rather than actual) version of something using digital technology. This can include computer networks, storage devices and even computer hardware. Today, virtualization is becoming a popular alternative to traditional technology. Businesses, especially, are making use of virtual computer networks and storage. This is why VMWare continues to make great strides in developing new software services to supplement virtualization technology.

What Are VMWare Flings?

VMWare flings are apps and tools designed by their engineers to be played with and explored. These apps and tools are meant to be used with VMWare’s virtualization platform. Many provide solutions to problems or dateadd inconveniences within certain programs. For example, their VMWare OS Optimization Tool was designed to optimize Windows systems for use with their VMWare Horizon View product. Tools and apps like these are extremely helpful for VMWare users.

Do I Have To Pay For VMWare Flings?

While most VMWare products are commercially sold and licensed for use, VMWare Flings are available for download at no cost. However, they are meant to be supplements for products that do require purchase. It is not likely that you will find much use out of the free flings without purchasing additional software from VMWare. If you already have VMWare software though, you should take advantage of these free downloads.

Is Tech Support Available For Flings?

VMWare Flings are designed to be experimented and played with, much like Wrike. They are not an official product offering, which means that technology support is not available. VMWare does not recommend their Fling apps and tools for use in production environments due to this. However, some VMWare products, such as the vSphere HTML5 Web Client, have been upgraded to products that are fully supported. Keep experimenting with your favorite Flings and see if they get upgraded, too!

How Do I Download VMWare Flings?

If you are interested in experimenting with VMWare Flings you will need to download them directly from the VMWare website: Next, you will locate the “Flings” section of the site. There, you will find a list of over 100 apps and tools available for free download. Test out one or one hundred of them at a time to see what products are most useful to you.

Top VMWare Flings

If you want to try out some VMWare Flings, there are some that should be first on your list. Some of the most popular VMWare Flings for use with all different app platforms are vSphere HTML5 Web Client, VMware Host Client or VMware OS Optimization Tool. These three VMWare products are some of the most commonly used within the technology community. Find out if they will fit your needs, then consider downloading these top VMWare Flings solutions.

VMWare has made great strides in virtualization technology, perhaps even more than Oracle Openworld. In addition, they have also utilized that knowledge and innovation to make apps and tools that can make your virtualization experience easier. These experimental programs should catch the eye of any devoted techie. If you want to test out new technology for virtualization, you can do it for free with VMWare Flings.

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