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6 VMware Partner Tiers To Consider For Improved Business Profitability


The VMware Partner Network is a program designed to help businesses take on a partnership role with VMware by acting as a reseller, servicer or user of VMware products. The VMware Partner Network provides participants with extensive resources, training and support that can significantly improve the profitability of a business. If you are a business owner interested in taking your digital technology business to the next level, a partnership with this tech company could be the key. However, you should first consider the many types of VMware partnerships available and where your company fits within the system. Below is an overview of the three types of VMware partnerships and the three levels of commitment that you can take on.


The first type of partnership available with VMware is the reseller relationship. With this partnership, your business can apply to become a verified reseller of VMware products. Through these types of programs, your business would be expected to add value to the VMware technology by offering your own expertise and services to assist customers with utilizing these virtualization and electronic media solutions.


The servicer partnership is structured for businesses that plan to offer other technological solutions in addition to VMware. The VMware vCloud Air Network Program is ideal for cloud computing companies or similar that offer hosted services to third parties, such as Internet Service Providers or Infrastructure as a Service providers. Additionally, the Partner Professional Services Program is available for partners who sell and deliver their own consulting services.


The technology partnership with VMware is created for businesses that want to integrate VMware’s software into their system. VMware is dedicated to working with companies to help offer business and customer solutions through technology and network services. These programs are exclusively for hardware, software and storage vendors in the industry.


The professional level of commitment to the VMware Partner Network involves an entry-level relationship. This offers partners the ability to resell VMware products in addition to exclusive access to not-for-resale products. Which provides you the perfect opportunity for interstitial ads. Certifications are also available for partners that want to sell the entire product line.


Enterprise is the next partnership level available with VMware. This program level offers businesses the chance to help design and deploy virtualization solutions for complex environments. At this level, the company also allows you to be privy to important and exclusive digital insight. This is the highest level of commitment that a reseller can sign themselves up for. Certifications are required for partners to qualify for this program.


Lastly, the premier level is the highest partnership option offered by VMware. Resellers cannot simply sign up and sell some cpq software to be considered a premier partner. Instead, you must be invited by VMware, making this partner level much more exclusive. Premier partners will take on much more responsibility and earn the highest level of benefits, marketing and sales support and incentives.

Pricing Differences

It is important to note that with each level of commitment, the VMware partner pricing changes. This is true of ecommerce platforms, as well. VMware is no different. However, it is even more important to be aware of the pricing differences based on location. VMware offers price discounts for those with businesses located in developing nations. These discounts are huge, sometimes up to 50% off of the original price. If you own a business in a developing country, do not be afraid to request the discounted price when inquiring about VMware partnerships.

Partner Success Center

VMware partnership grants you access to their Partner Success Center. This is true no matter what level of VMware partnership you decide on. The VMware Partner Success Center procides support to all partner tiers. The center promises to improve the ease of doing business throughout every step of your partnership journey. Their support is sure to make it easier to sell VMware Flings at your business. This is a great resource to take advantage of, regardless of your partnership tier.

Becoming a VMware partner could be extremely beneficial to your company, even more beneficial that getting a Fitbit was to your personal life. Joining the VMware Partner Network promises a variety of benefits. Before you join, consider the options available to you and decide if your company is better suited to act as a reseller or servicer of VMware products. Additionally, be sure to take into account the level of commitment required by each type of partnership. Once you have carefully reviewed your options, you can apply to be a VMware partner.

Partner Exchange

No matter what level of VMware partnership you are able to sign up for, you can benefit from the helpful Partner Exchange program held at VMworld US. The Partner Exchange program is devised for partners to select from over 40 different breakout sessions providing various resources, like digital display advertising tips. In addition, the VMware partner event provides keynote lectures on the latest VMware product releases to help keep partners in the loop. If you decide to become a partner, this VMware event is an excellent resource to take advantage of.

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