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5 Best Voice Over Microphones For Video Editing

There are several best voice over microphones for video editing. High-quality microphones can make the difference between professional and amateur video narration. In fact, low sound quality often drives viewers away no matter how great the actual video turns out. As a video editor, you should familiarize yourself with different microphones to record your voice overs with. This way, you can compare their specs and main uses before you make a final purchasing decision. Read on to learn about the best voice over microphones for video editing.

Condenser Mics

First, you can use a condenser microphone for your voice over recordings. These microphones focus on delicate sounds to capture clean and clear audio recordings. With this, you can eliminate background noises and sharp feedback. In fact, when paired with the right audio mirroring service, you can even stream sound from a windows PC to Android devices. In addition, these mics are great for recording crystal-clear podcasts, live streams and broadcasts. They can also connect with USB compatible devices to easily save your recordings. Plus, their small and compact size makes them the perfect fit for any desktop or broadcast setting. Surely, you can use a condenser microphone for your video editing voice overs.

Multi-track Recorders

Next, consider a multi-track recorder voice over microphone for video editing. Unlike most microphones, this device can double as a recorder to capture other sounds for your videos. This way, you can save different sounds directly to your SD card. Additionally, you can also use these with other microphones to enhance your voice over quality. This is great for getting natural sounds or live interviews to add in your voice overs. Use this multi-track recorder as a second audio source for larger shoots. In short, you can gather voice overs with multi-track recording devices.

Dynamic Mics

In addition, you can use a dynamic microphone for your voice over recordings. These microphones pick up noise with diaphragm vibrations to capture loud sounds clearly. Of course, these microphones are best for live performances and recording multiple people at once. Indeed, many radio stations uses these microphones to capture clear audio from everyone in the room. Plus, they even offer audio transcriptions online for listeners with difficulty hearing. With unique shapes, they provide excellent sound quality and reject feedback noises in any setting. Certainly, record your voice overs for video editing with dynamic microphones.

Shotgun Mics

More so, you can use a shotgun microphone to record voice overs for your videos. These mics easily attach to any camera or phone for on-the-go sound capturing. From here, you can record your voice overs with live background sounds, like a crowd cheering at an event. Or, you can record your voice overs in real time while you film your videos. For the best sound quality, point the shotgun right at the speaker or object making noise. This way, the narrow shape only takes in sound directly in front of it. Of course, record your voice overs with a shotgun microphone for your videos.

Portable Mics

Furthermore, consider a portable microphone to capture your video voice overs. This is a great low-budge option that includes many great sound features for social video marketing. Unlike other microphones, these come in both cardioid and omnidirectional options. This way, you can select the best option that meets your environment requirements. Plus, these mics are available in any frequency range from 20Hz to 18kHz. They’re also USB compatible with both Mac and Windows laptops. Additionally, the compact design makes it great for both on-the-go and desktop video narration. Definitely, a portable microphone is a great option to capture voice overs for your videos.

There are several best voice over microphones for video editing. First, a condenser microphone can capture delicate sounds for quality recordings. Next, you can use a multi-track recorder to save your audio recordings on an external drive. In addition, use a dynamic microphone to capture loud sounds in large areas. More so, a shotgun mic is great for capturing direct sound as clearly as possible. Furthermore, you can use a portable microphone to capture any frequency on-the-go. These are the best voice over microphones for video editing.

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