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Best VoIPLINK Equipment To Open Up Communications Possibilities Now


VoIPLINK is the leading vendor for VoIP equipment nationwide. VoIP stands for Voice-over IP, a method of voice communication that can be done using a broadband internet connection rather than a regular phone line. This opens up new possibilities for free international calls, free long distance calls and even calls made over the computer. If you want to start using VoIP as your business phone service, VoIPLINK has everything you need to get started. Or, you can also find the best VoIP providers for home services. This post will provide you with a list of some of VoIPLINK offerings.

An Internet Connection

In order to begin utilizing a VoIP system, you need a reliable internet connection, even if you only want to call rejection phone numbers all day. VoIP LINK provides a number of products to help you get set up. With a variety of brands like ABA, Dynacom and DAMAC, VoIPLINK has connection systems, data jacks and wall racks to ensure a quality internet connection. The right tools will help to keep your office clean and organized. Once you have the service and equipment you can move on to the next phase of VoIP integration.

EnGenius Access Points

If you need networking solutions, VoiPLINK has a bunch to offer you, particularly from EnGenius. The company sells a number of EnGenius bridges and access points for indoor and outdoor use. They also provide a number of useful accessories. This will help you get the most out of your EnGenius networking technologies so you can download the latest office update Mac version as quickly as possible. This is certainly something to look for when considering VoIP for business.


The next thing you will need is a phone, or several depending upon your business. VoIPLINK sells plenty of different phones to suit your needs. Choose between digital or analogue phones brands like Samsung, Nortel and Mitel. They even have specialized conference and hospitality phones to help you handle a lot of calls. Better yet, pick up one of their specially adapted VoIP phones. These phones are made specifically to work with a VoIP connection, so you will have no need for learning how to unbrick iPhone devices. VoIPLINK also sells entire phone systems that can fit organizations of up to 1,000 users.


If you opt out of a special VoIP phone, VoIPLINK has the solution. They sell adapters, like the Matrix SETU adapters for only $40. This will allow you to convert your regular phone to one that is VoIP capable. That means you will now have the ability to make free calls from any phone. This will definitely improve communications when you are working on the latest digital media marketing campaign.  If you are looking to save money, this is obviously a very sizeable advantage.

Weekly Specials

For any of your other VoIP needs, VoIPLINK offers weekly specials, refurbished items and a range of sales that can save you hundreds of dollars in equipment. They also sell extra phone and VoIP accessories, such as hearable technology, like headsets, for as low as $14. Next time you are looking for quality VoIP capable electronics at a discounted price, look no further than VoIPLINK

Cloud PBX

Another service offered by the company is their VoIPLINK Voice Cloud PBX plans. This service will bring your phone system into the cloud, meaning you to no longer have to worry about inflexible hardware. VoIPLINK will manage and maintain this cloud phone system with 99.99% reliability, which is better than most Agile services. This is done while eliminating the need for costly phone system hardware and long distance charges. You can even buy service plans that include phones, voicemail and unified messaging. This VoIPLINK cloud phone service has a ton of advantages, so you  may wish to consider it.

VoIPLINK Security

VoIPLINK is one of the best VoIP providers because they offer some of the most comprehensive catalogue of products. This is evident by their selection of security cameras, similar to the Eagle Eye app. They offer top security camera brands, like Vivotek, Vitek, NUUO, Grandstream, Uniden and Zavio. No matter whether you need home surveillance, office surveillance or warehouse surveillance, you can find the right camera with VoIPLINK.

Making the shift from landline telephones to a VoIP service can save your business tons of money. VoIPLINK helps you save even more by offering tons of effective VoIP equipment to help you get started. If you want free calls anytime, anywhere, check out VoIPLINK for the devices you need.

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