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5 Types Of Vulnerability Scanning Tools For Cyber Security Best Practices

Having the best digital security measures in place is a necessity for web developers. Whether you develop SaaS or webpages, without top of the line IT security, your efforts could be rendered useless. Vulnerability scanners can help you find faults in your software, computer system, network and servers. If you need help finding the best vulnerability scanning tools available to use alongside Winhex, keep reading below to learn the top vulnerability scanning tools for your specific needs.

Network Scanning Tools

If you need to ensure the Security of a network in particular, you are going to need a specific set of tools – Network vulnerability scanners. These network scanning solutions provide a simple tools for managing network discovery and security auditing. Consider using a tool like Nmap, shot for Network Mapping, to determine network hosts, offered services, what OS networks are running and what packet filters and firewalls are in place.

Port Scanning Tools

Port scanners are another type of vulnerability scanning solution that will help increase security measures. These port vulnerability scanners look for open ports that hackers could use as a means of gaining entry. This is an incredibly effective tool to prevent malware and data mining attempts. It is also a lot easier to manage than obfuscated code. Consider using a port scanning tool like TCP Port Scan to prevent cyber criminals from compromising the web applications you have developed.

Web Application Scanning Tools

If you need round the clock vulnerability management, web application scanning can provide you this. Web application scanners help online businesses conduct the ongoing risk assessments needed to prevent hostile attacks on an application. These tools help to identify vulernable areas of your web applications so that you can prevent disaster. Consider using an open source web application scanner, like Arachni, to practice great vulnerability management around the clock.

Cloud-Based Vulnerability Scanners

SaaS is everywhere now, so why would vulnerability scanning SaaS products not be popular? These new types of vulnerability scanners are delivered using web applications, similar to ITAA advocacy. More importantly, however, they also provide continuous, automatic computer and device monitoring. These cloud vulnerability scanners provide security for all network segments. If you need to use a hands-free approach to vulnerability management and cyber security, consider using a cloud vulnerability scanner, like Qualys Cloud Agent.

If you are a web developer who needs vulnerability scanning tools to protect your hard work, consider the types of scanning solutions mentioned above. For vulnerability management best practices and the best cyber security possible, consider using all the options mentioned above. Making sure to utilize all the vulnerability scanners available to you is certainly not a decision you will ever come to regret.

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