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Digital Content Strategies To Earn Money Online Legitimately And Easily


You are a good writer who wants to sell content online in order to earn more money. Well, that doesn’t sounds too tough! Is it? With advertising, you can easily start earning money based on the number of page views your content receives over the internet. But, how much can you earn this way? The short answer is not much because most of the writers aren’t able to generate the required number of page views that is required to earn a respectable sum of money. However, there are several other channels very few people are aware of, that can allow you to make money out of your digital content. Here are top 5 ways through which you can earn some good bucks selling your digital content online:

Create EBooks and Sell Them Online

Ebook creation and selling is a real good business. There are several tools like Kajabi that provide an easy platform to sell course online. Moreover, platforms like Amazon allow you to create your book as per the guidelines mentioned in the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Once your ebook is ready, you can sell your book via channels like Amazon, 24Symbols or Spotify.

Sell Your Articles Directly Through Freelance Sites

If you are not yet ready for a full book publishing then you can simply sell your articles online with the help of platforms for freelancers. You only need to register with these sites and start selling your content once those are ready. Once you have a good digital asset management process, there are buyers who will immediately buy your content.

Create Infographics

Infographics are another type of digital content that you can produce to make additional income. If you can create attractive visual representations of data or information, you can easily find someone to pay for the image. Infographics help to make dense research and intangible data figures much more appealing to readers. This can lead to digital candystorms for a website if done right. If you want to make money by creating different types of digital content, consider making infographics.

Write For Blogs That Pay Per Post

It might sound a bit too much but yes, there are blogs which pay writers up to $300 for a 1000 word content. That’s a pretty good deal! Some of the main sites that pay the writers for their writing are all over the internet. You just have to do some research on the areas that you like writing for and reach out to them. Whether you write about how to fix a cracked phone on your own or the best digital cameras available, this is sure to make you some money.

Monetize Video Curation

Apart from the popular YouTube, there are other video sharing platforms that allow you to create your own subscription video on demand channel. The biggest advantage is that, apart from selling your own content, you can curate and sell someone else’s content on your video channel and receive a commission out of it. With multiple creators uploading video to the same channel, your audience has more new content to watch every month.

Sell Your Music

If you are a music enthusiast, then a platform is all you need. While older methods of selling music like Columbia House have faded, online opportunities are plentiful. Music platforms let you sell your music and merchandising directly to your fans. In the month of December alone, some artists raked in more than one million dollars in music and merch sales (bringing the total to-date to $12.6MM).

Sounds good? Now, you can start producing even more digital content on your DAS keyboard than ever before and start selling them online in order to generate some good money.

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