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5 Ways To Modify PDF Files To Create New Documents

Modifying PDF files has been a popular struggle in the world of technology. PDFs were designed to be like printed documents: unchangeable. Not being able to edit images and text on PDF files has created a lot more work for people during the typical work day. Even if you can convert images to PDF, many have to completely disregard the PDF that needed editing and start from scratch. As a professional, you no longer need to live with this struggle. Here, you’ll discover ways to modify PDF files for your work needs.

Modify On Adobe Acrobat

Editing a PDF with the help of the original PDF mastermind, Adobe, is one way you can modify the files. Making modifications this way is very simple. There is an option to “Edit PDF”. After clicking that button, you will be able to edit both photos and text on the PDF with many available tools. Although Adobe Acrobat provides many tools, it is a very costly option for modifying PDF files. If you’re okay with dropping a few bucks to properly edit PDFs for work, this option may be for you.

Use Online PDF Editors

Listed in this guide to editing PDFs, there are numerous PDF editors online for you to choose from. To begin using an online editor to make changes to a PDF file, you must upload the PDF to the online editor. Once the file appears on the editor’s site, you can use the tools provided to edit all areas of the PDF. If you’re trying to save money, this may be a good option for your professional PDF editing needs since there are many free online editors.

Edit Through Gmail

Gmail is both a communications tool and a PDF modifying tool. You can use Gmail or Google Mail for your professional emails and use it to edit your colleagues’ PDF files for free, too. The next time you receive a PDF file attached to an email, hover over the attachment and click on the download arrow. It will download as an HTML. Then, you open the HTML file in Word, and save it as a Word document to edit from there. You will find this method especially helpful as a professional because email where you most likely receive PDF files that need modifying in the first place.

Convert PDF To Word Doc

You can convert PDF files to Word Doc files without the help of Gmail through a PDF converter. The downside of this option for modifying PDF files is that it’s not free. On top of that, you also need to really research the best PDF converters. There are so many available, but not all of them guarantee that the format of the PDF will remain the same once converted. If you’re able to find one that perfectly converts the PDF, you could really speed up your work day with a PDF converter.

Edit On Your Mac

If you need to edit a PDF and you own a Mac, you’re in luck. You can edit PDF files on your Mac simply and quickly. All you have to do is download the PDF and get to editing. This is one of the areas where a Mac vs PC can make a difference. You can edit content, merge pages, and add new content to PDF files on a Mac. If you use a Mac laptop for work, you’re more than ready to modify PDF files efficiently.

Although editing PDF files has been a serious problem in the work world, it isn’t anymore. There are plenty of ways to modify them. You can use Adobe Acrobat, which might be the most popular option. Online PDF editors can be found for free. If you receive a PDF that you need to make changes to through your Gmail account, you can convert it and edit it from there. Converting PDF files into Word Doc files is also an option. If you have a Mac, you can get your edited PDF to your boss quickly through preview. You now have numerous ways of editing PDF files and, therefore, making your work day less strenuous.

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