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How Divorce Settlements Proceedings Are Affected By Modern Technology


Divorce settlements are commonplace when a marriage is dissolved. Technology has permeated our lives, especially since the rise of digital banking. It is no wonder that technology is a part of modern divorce. Here are some ways technology may impact divorce settlements in today’s digital world.

Technology Is Used To Calculate Divorce Settlements

Just as you may use software to do your annual taxes, software can be used in your divorce settlement. Depending on the financial stipulations of dissolving your marriage, you may need more than a number keypad calculator to figure out who gets what. In most cases, divorce creates a financial hardship for both parties involved, so it is important to take care when dividing assets and seeking reparations. This may continue after the divorce if children and alimony is involved; make sure you account for all related finances accordingly. There is software available to ensure you get a fair divorce settlement.

“Facebook Caused My Divorce!”

Social media is increasingly involved in American divorce, and its influence is two-fold. There are cases where a spouse regains contact with an old fling via Facebook and the relationship rekindles. Social media can be used to make contact, flirt and arrange dates. While it is difficult to imply social media causes a breakup, it can certainly make it easier to sneak around.

The other side, social media and divorce is frequently used as evidence in divorce proceedings. A 2010 survey of lawyers found two thirds of divorce trials used Facebook as evidence of infidelity, with MySpace and Twitter also mentioned. Not only is technology and social media used in potential indiscretions, it is used to prove such actions in court.

Technology Devices In Divorce

If Facebook can be used as evidence in a court proceeding for cybercrime, why not other devices? Smartphones are an excellent way to communicate with people; it is up to the user to make sure they are used appropriately. In this modern age, there are dating apps and online platforms to meet people; who is to say they privacy they offer is not being exploited by married people looking for a discreet night out? Although not as prevalent today, GPS devices are also used in  cases to track a spouse’s location and prove infidelity. Technology can enrich lives, but it could be argued that it also enriches divorce settlements.

Dividing Digital Accounts In Divorce

Just like any other property, digital accounts may be up for grabs during a divorce hearing. This could include digital music libraries, gaming accounts and financial currency invested in online platforms. Divorce settlements must evolve to include such property, whether it be physical or not, as our lives increasingly rely on technology for entertainment. Some judges have ruled that property uploaded to the cloud must stay there. Digital media and accounts often cannot be resold, and may prove difficult to divide in a divorce settlement.

Technology Companies Could Fold During Divorce

High profile technology companies or even an enterprise supply chain business may have a lot to lose during a divorce settlement. As with the physical and digital property mentioned above, the company may be split between both parties. This could create financial difficulty for the owner, not to mention an awkward board meeting if an ex-spouse is awarded part of the company. In one case, the splitting of a company’s ownership during a divorce negated a founding member’s voting rights! Such a situation could severely impact the direction in which the company evolves. It may be wise for technology company owners to consider these potential outcomes early in the relationship, before divorce is even a possibility.

Divorce Settlement Tips

If you are going through a divorce, you may be inclined to let your emotions get the best of you. This is especially true in today’s digital age, where you are privy to information about your spouse’s post-marriage lifestyle by media tracking them on social media, which may influence your emotions. That is why it is so important to remember to try to separate yourself from your feelings during divorce settlement proceedings. The first way to do that is to follow the advice mentioned below.

Delete Shared Cloud Accounts

Odds are, if you are settling a divorce, you probably shared cloud service accounts like Dropbox, Google Drive or others. Now is the time to save your data for both individuals and then delete the account. Of course, you can simply open up your own account and migrate your information there. Finally, be sure that the billing is canceled especially if you are the one paying the bill. The same should be done for any at home drive storage too.

Technology is important during divorce settlements for a number of reasons. In some cases, technology may play a part in the cause of the divorce, and most certainly as evidence in a courtroom. Financial matters can be addressed with technology during divorce settlements, and it is prudent to use technology to ensure the settlement is fair. Certainly, technology has become ingrained in much of our lives and divorce settlements are no exception.

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