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9 Tactics To Improve Mental Health Weaning Off Technology Habits

In the age of smartphones and devices, it is safe to say some of us are addicted to technology. Millennials are constantly on social media, parents occupy toddlers with iPads and professionals are always making calls to their bosses and clients. Obviously technology is useful in these scenarios. However, for some people it reaches a unnecessary and unhealthy point. Technology even impacts divorce settlements. In this post, all technology users can discover simple tips to slowly get weaned off of a technology addiction.

Before You Leave Technology Behind

But first, before you decide to take your step away from the digital world, be sure that you are prepared. You may want to visit a page like This web publishing page will give you resources to cope with trauma, talk about mental health and figure out how to get help. The page is run by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, or DHHS, making it an incredibly useful resource. The page even has a treatment locator, where you can find services specifically for technology addiction. Use these tools to get immediate help for your mental health, before you take the plunge into a tech-free world.

Start Your Morning Right

If you want to wean yourself off technology and improve your mental health, the first step is to stop checking your phone right after you wake up. Instead of checking your email or browsing social media in bed right after you get up, wait until after you complete your morning routine. Get out of bed, brush your teeth, workout, have some breakfast, take a shower. Whatever it is you do in the morning, get it done once you wake up. Then, you can reward yourself with five or ten minutes of phone time on your Amazon Fire phone. This is the best way to jump start your day with a peaceful, positive mindset.

Take Phones Away From Social Settings

Face-to-face time often gets interrupted when everyone is on his or her phone. To make getting weaned off a little more fun, make a game out of it. If you are out with friends grabbing a drink, everyone can put his phone on the table. The first to check his or her phone pays for the round of drinks. For families, dinner is the most common time to reconnect. Making a rule that phones are put away at dinner time can positively change the environment. Have your children put their phones in the other room. Out of sight, out of mind. These simple tips can help technology users get weaned off their devices, and they can also help prevent you from becoming a victim of rejection phone numbers on a night out.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Another way to get weaned off of technology addiction is by distracting yourself. Trying new things will keep you busy, so you have less time to think about your phone. Buy a book you have heard about, try a style of restaurant you have never been to or go to a theater and see a new film. There are endless possibilities. By stepping outside your comfort zone, you may discover a new hobby and realize what you have missed out on. Eliminating distractions and trying new things can help all technology users get weaned off of their rooted phones and devices.

Delete Apps

Think about what apps you spend the most time on. Social media? Games? Playing around with a sort of useless oscilloscope app? Try deleting one or two of the things you realize you waste the most time on. Or, if you can not commit to deleting the app itself, turn off the notifications. This way, you will only check the app when you remember to, not every single time you get an alert. Deleting apps and changing the notification settings are great tools for anyone needing to get weaned off technology.

…Or Buy Better Apps

If a technology or phone addiction is not the only problem you are experiencing when it comes to mental health, it may actually be beneficial to considering downloading some mental health apps. The App Store and Google Play Store alike are inundated with apps for depression, anxiety, ADHD and other mental illnesses. You can even try out a yoga app. If you want help self-managing mental health, you should consider downloading one of these apps for mental illness. You will be surprised how much they can benefit your mental health and well-being.

Time Yourself

One day, time yourself to see how long you spend on social media or watching webTV. Does checking Facebook, Twitter and Instagram take up an hour of your time? By timing yourself, you can set goals to spend less time on social media. Give yourself a set time allowance for social media use and slowly decrease the time allotted. This will prevent your device from sucking you in too long and becoming a time waster. Technology users can get weaned off technology by timing themselves and using the information to set realistic goals.

Buy An Alarm Clock

Many technology users use our smartphones as alarm clocks. However, we set the alarm and then stay awake on our phones reading Facebook statuses we do not actually care about for another hour before bed. Getting an actual alarm clock and placing your phone away from bed will remove the distraction that is keeping you awake. For a lot of us, checking our phones is then the first thing we do when we wake up. Buying an alarm clock will help technology users get regular sleep back. More importantly, it will also aid in getting you weaned off of technology.

Get Outdoors

One of the best tactics for weaning off technology is getting outside. Your mental health can significantly improve by spending time in the sun, walking in nature or relaxing near a body of water. These outdoor settings will detach you from your Walmart phone. Moreover, they give you the opportunity to get off your phone and enjoy the moment. You can think about your goals, aspirations and dreams to work towards. This way, the next time you pick up that device, it becomes a tool rather than an addition.

Getting weaned off of technology is not a simple thing to do. We use technology often, but sometimes it becomes an unnecessary and unhealthy habit. Technology users can start getting weaned off technology in many different ways. By eliminating phones from all social settings, stepping outside your comfort zone, deleting apps, timing yourself and buying an alarm clock, you can lessen your addiction. These steps can help you become more environmentally friendly, when used in conjunction with top energy saving tips. Use one, or all, of these tips to get weaned off technology and become less reliant on it in the future.

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