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Simple HTML TM How To Guide For Commonly Used Legal Symbols


Even the most advanced web designers sometimes need to rack their brains for basic HTML codes or nosql tips. If you create websites for businesses, you could probably use a little help keeping all of the necessary symbols in line. Below you will find an overview of some of the most commonly used legal symbols and their corresponding HTML codes.


The copyright symbol gives notice to the public that the work in question is legally owned and protected by an individual or group. This HTML symbol is a circle with a “C” in the middle. It most often appears in books. However, it may also pop up on the web either through an online publication or to protect specific work on a site. Regardless, it is an important HTML symbol to have on hand no matter whether you use LeadPages vs Unbounce. To post the copyright symbol in HTML, you will need to input one of two codes. Each symbol listed here has two codes: a numeric code and a named code. The numeric code for copyright is “©” while “©” is the named code.


A registered trademark symbol denotes a trademark or service mark that has officially been registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. When a symbol, word or phrase is a trademark it legally represents a company or product. The registered trademark symbol is a circle with an R in the middle. It also holds more legal weight than service mark and trademark symbols (explained below). In order to add a registered trademark symbol to your HTML design you can enter “®” which is the named code. Additionally, you could input “®” which is the numeric code.


A trademark (TM) symbol differs from a registered trademark symbol because it only implies the potential to register a symbol, word or phrase. It is used to signify common-law rights, meaning that the trademark is not officially registered. The official HTML TM symbol is the letters “TM” in superscript. The numeric code for the HTML TM symbol is “™” while the named code is “™”. This is an especially important code to keep in mind when whiteboarding, as it is frequently used by businesses online.

Paragraph Sign

The paragraph sign, also known as the pilcrow sign is another one you may find a need for on your minisite. Even if you do not need to mark out paragraphs visually on a website, you may find that it adds a nice flair to content. If you want to use the paragraph symbol in HTML, just use the HTML number ¶ to do so. This is a useful way to use the ¶ HTML name.

Service Mark

A service mark is used similarly to a trademark. The difference, however, is that a service mark represents a service rather than a product or company. If a service mark is federally registered, it will use the registered trademark symbol. However if it is not, it will use the service mark symbol. Like the trademark symbol, the service mark symbol is a superscript of SM. This can be coded into HTML using the numeric code “℠” on Mozilla webmaker. Unfortunately, there is no named code available for service mark.

Check Marks

If you are trying to create check marks using HTML, you are in luck. This is another easy solution. The check mark HTML code is different depending on which style you would like. To show the visual of a checkmark inside a box, use the decimal code ☑ or hex code ☑. To show just a checkmark html, use the decimal code ✓ or hex code ✓. If you want to make the check mark appear bold, decimal code ✔ and hex code ✔ will do just that. If you need the HTML code for checkmark, use these hex codes or decimal codes.

As a web designer you have a lot on your plate. Hopefully, our list will make it easier by providing you with a simple guide to some of the most important legal symbols in HTML, so you can spend more time learning about Noscript. Rather than having to memorize these codes all at once, just refer back to this post the next time you are searching for the right symbol to use.

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