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Webcast Advantages Bring Digital Marketing Strategies To A New Level


A webcast is a video broadcast distributed over the internet. If you are a business owner, you may be surprised to find out all the ways in which a webcast can benefit your business. With the ability to stream content live over the internet, just like Columbia House has done, businesses everywhere are now given new opportunities through online marketing. If want to join in on this new opportunity, check out the top benefits of webcast marketing below.

Real-Time Engagement

With the internet, everything happens in an instant. A webcast can help utilize this to your advantage. This type of electronic media allows audiences to view and engage with your business’ events in real time. Whether it is a grand opening or a charity event, you can invite internet users to watch and comment as the night goes on. Many webcast hosting sites offer a live chat section for audiences to discuss your business. However, a webcast is also a great avenue to encourage more social media engagement as well. A webcast is the perfect way to get feedback from your customers through an honest and fun platform.

After Hours Access

Webcasts are also a great marketing tool because you can provide your target audience access to these webcasts after they are done being hosted, as well. You do not have to miss out on potential leads just because the webcast did not fit into their schedule.  Creating on demand archives of webcasts used for marketing purposes puts your company in close reach of your customers. This is a huge benefit that is not offered by tv ads or online marketing. This makes it an incredibly advantageous marketing tool to consider.

Low Cost

One big benefit of the webcast is that it is relatively low cost to produce. They are infinitely less difficult and less expensive than producing a television broadcast. Depending upon your event of choice, you could end up saving thousands on employee travel and other expenses. Host conferences or training programs over a webcast to save your employees the hassle of traveling. Host an event for consumers in your store and broadcast it for free. It can also save you money on expensive media tracking tools. If you can manage to find quality sound and audio equipment within your budget, a webcast can be an excellent money-saving marketing tool.

Marketing And Visibility

When it comes to a webcast, marketing and visibility are an undeniable advantage. The internet makes everything shareable. Users can access your content and share it with friends. Before you know it, your webcast has gone viral! A webcast in itself is an excellent marketing tool to engage audiences. However, once you have drawn them in with the new technology, you can go a step further by offering promotional deals to viewers. This call to action will increase your profits and make your customers that much more likely to return to your future webcasts.

Larger Audience

When you produce a webcast you are sending a message out across the world. Webcasts offer the benefit of a larger audience, making your business that much more well known. Just look at how well it worked for Nen, for example. Instead of hosting a private event with only 50 people, you can invite hundreds of thousands of viewers to join the party. All this with little to no extra cost. A webcast can reach potential customers in different countries. You now have access to them, too. This is an incredible benefit if you are looking to grow your customer base.

Fun And Informative Content

One of the most important aspects of a webcast is fun and informative content, similar to a candystorm. Webcasts can set you apart from competitors. It brings your business to life for internet users. Rather than stale branded articles, webcasts offer the opportunity to showcase your performative talents. Engage with your audience through a webcast. Host events that even they can enjoy. Whether it is a tutorial or a charity event, consumers will see a new side of your business through the webcast.


One such example of fun content that can be broadcast on the web is called a “wedcast.” What exactly is a wedcast? It is a webcast of a wedding, contained on a minisite or a personal wedding page. This unique type of webcast is an excellent tool for couples having a destination wedding or those with aging relatives that cannot make it to the ceremony. Webcasts are no longer solely for business and information. If you or a friend have a wedding coming up in the near future, keep this in mind!


The United Nations’ live and on-demand web TV channel offers another excellent opportunity for business promotion. This United Nations TV is available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. In addition to showing live programming of UN meetings and events, it also features pre-recorded videos and documentaries on global issues. If you are able to create pre-recorded videos or documentaries related to your business that would also be relevant to UN concerns, do so. This is an excellent, unique way to reach business audiences.

If you want to discover a new and effective way to promote your business or a product, like the airwheel, consider producing a webcast. A webcast can be an excellent way to engage your audience through exciting events and other content. With a little effort and creativity, a webcast can become a huge hit for your business.

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