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Types Of Website Traffic Sources To Build A Loyal Online Following

When you own an online business, traffic is one of the most important determining factors for your chances at success once you make your purchase from Afternic. Google is one of the top drivers of web traffic for ebusinesses. However, there actually several types of website traffic sources. Google is just one single website. Find out about the different types of website traffic sources and how to use them to generate traffic for your website below.

Organic Search Traffic

Organic search traffic is the type of website traffic source that includes Google. However, Google is just one search engine that generates traffic for ebusiness owners. Yahoo, AskJeeves and Bing are also search engine traffic sources that you can use to increase page views. These traffic sources allow visitors to discover your website in response to their search queries and keywords. Optimizing your search engine snippet will help to generate search traffic for your online business website.

Direct Traffic

Direct traffic comes from visitors typing your URL into their web browser. This form of direct traffic can be generated through social media engagement. Once web users see your website name enough, they are more likely to remember it to navigate to the website on their own. However, it is difficult to have a direct, noticeable impact on these figures. If someone clicks through to your website through a social media post or pay per click advertisement, that does not count as direct traffic. That is why direct traffic is one of those website traffic sources that is harder to generate without strong brand recognition.

Social Media Traffic

Social media platforms are another one of the top website traffic sources for many ebusiness owners. When a page visitor finds your website through a link on any social media platform, this is classified as social media traffic. Social media traffic can be generated by a page visitor tweeting your link out. Or, it can be generated by your business Facebook profile posting a link on your page. Social media traffic comes from Facebook and Twitter frequently. However, it also comes from sites like StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Digg and more. If you want to generate social media traffic for your website, you have to build your business’s social media presence using tools like the Sprout Social Schedule Retweet feature, which can take time. But, it will certainly be worth it.

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is generated in a number of ways. But generally, the term refers to page visitors that find their way to your site from a direct link on another website. Pay-per-click ads are also classified as a referral traffic. However, they do not count as organic referral traffic. One way to drive referral traffic organically is to comment with links to your page on other blogs or forums that operate within the same industry as your own website. Referral traffic helps to increase page rankings for your ebusiness. This is certainly a strategy you will want to use to drive traffic to your website.

Campaign Traffic

Campaign traffic is the term used to describe page views generated through a dedicated campaign that uses tracking parameters. Campaign traffic generation strategies include pay-per-click ads, search engine ads and similar. It will obviously cost your ebusiness money to generate traffic through paid-for campaigns, regardless of whether you use LeadPages vs Unbounce. However, it will only cost you if it produces results. That is a huge benefit to consider. If you need to generate traffic quickly for your online business, consider starting a traffic campaign with digital advertising, social media advertisements and similar.

If you are just starting an online business, generating traffic can be difficult. But, it does not have to be. As long as you familiarize yourself with the top website traffic sources mentioned above, you are sure to increase page views for your website. Then, it is up to you to create content that can improve bounce rate. Use a combination of all of the site traffic sources mentioned above to gain a loyal following for your ebusiness and soon, you will be reaching levels of internet success that you never dreamed of.

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