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Top Breakable Technology Gadgets To Purchase Protections For ASAP


Technology is with us wherever we go. It can be used to write, research, communicate and even watch cat videos on the internet. Unfortunately, as useful as it is, technology is also very breakable, especially if you are doing a DIY inductor. The delicate hardware of a Macbook and the glass screen of a PC are definitely breakable. That means they are definitely in need of some protection. If you have clumsy hands and a lot of gadgets, you may want to know how you can protect these breakable possessions. This post will highlight some of the best websites offering protective gear for your tech valuables.


If you are looking for variety and a low price, Amazon is the perfect site for you. Amazon hosts an array of brands that can match every spec of your specific devices. You can buy your breakable items all the protection they need in one quick trip. They even offer protective gear in a variety of styles. If you do not want to sacrifice style for safety, this may be of interest to you. Amazon is the perfect site if you want to protect your breakable items while maintaining sleekness and style.


Tech21 has been devising different forms of technology protection for over 10 years. They use unique materials that have proven protective qualities and clean design. From Apple cases to LG screen protectors, Tech21 has all of the major brands covered. However, their prices are more high end.  A 15 inch Macbook Pro that runs the bumptop app case can run you as much as $100. However, these prices do get slashed with sales throughout the year. Unfortunately, if you are primarily concerned about cost, Tech21 may not provide a solution for your breakable tech.


InCase is all about sturdy but fashionable outward protection. InCase provides range of products including backpacks, travel wallets and book jackets. All of their products are specifically designed to fit Apple devices, soon to include the Apple Watch with install watch pro. However, anyone can use their stylish backpacks or travel wallet tech for a trip. Just make sure to check size dimensions before placing your order. InCase products range from under $20 to $200. So you may want to save up to keep your breakable items in these high quality protective cases. All in all, if you do not own an Apple device, InCase may not provide the best protection for your breakables.


Brenthaven is a leader in innovative design when it comes to mobile technology protection. These products are designed to offer rugged protection from drop and impact incidents. This way you can always feel secure, no matter the situation. Brenthaven offers cases and sleeves for laptops of all sizes. They also offer a series of DSLR camera cases if you should have the need. Brenthaven products can cost over $200 as well, but they offer a 100% Lifetime Guarantee to help make up for that hefty price. If you want protection that will follow you everywhere and any time, it may be smart to invest in Brenthaven protective gear.

Most Breakable Gadgets

There is actually an official list out there that ranks the most breakable technology gadgets available today, which is not unlike the many video blogs on the topic. If you have any of these devices, you should consider buying some of the cases and other device protections from the providers mentioned above:

  • iPad Mini
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • iPad Air
  • iPhone
  • Nexus
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Moto X

These devices were ranked as the most breakable tech gadgets that consumers love to buy. Clearly, Apple needs to do a bit more to create devices that can withstand drops, spills and other common accidents. If you have any of these breakable devices, do not become a real life example of the latency definition. Buy protection for your devices as soon as you can. Do you agree with this list?

Breakable Software

In addition to breakable devices, many of these smartphones, tables and computers can be broken into. These technologies are breakable from the software point of view too. You have to make sure that you are using proper encryption methods and safe websites to protect your devices from the software end too. So, in addition to protecting your devices with proper gear, make sure you have the proper programs to protect your data too.

If you own breakable devices you may want to invest in more than a silicone case for your technology protection. Whether it is high-end or low-end prices, you can find protection that is right for your specific breakables. Amazon offers excellent deals on a variety of products and brands. Other specified websites focus on providing you with the most high-quality protection experience. Depending upon your needs, you may decide one of these options is best for you. You may even choose to purchase an additional flash drive to store your most important files just in case. But no matter which website you choose to shop, you cannot go wrong with any of the above.

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