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What Is Crowdsourced Testing? How These Solutions Impact Software

Crowdsourced testing is one of the emerging tech trends in software development and mobile app development. That is why there are many technology industry professionals that still have yet to learn of this new type of software testing. If you count yourself among those who are unfamiliar with this new technology service, you definitely want to learn more. These new mobile app testing solutions are changing the way QA testing is done. But, are these changes for the better? Learn all about crowdsourced testing solutions and the impact they have on software development, mobile app development companies and the technology industry at-large in this post.

What Is Crowdsourced Testing?

Crowdsourced testing services allow developers to test their products with a large variety of testers. The crowdsourced testing companies that provide these services offer the platform on which testers try out a given app or software. Crowdsourced testing platforms are usually offered to developers free of charge. Clearly, there a numerous reasons why this new type of QA testing is changing the way the mobile app and software development industries operate.

Who Are The Testers?

Crowdsourced testers are private individuals that provide their services on their own time. These individuals can be located anywhere in the world or come from all different backgrounds, such as supplicant security. That is why they provide such comprehensive software testing for apps. Typically, crowdsourced testing professionals are paid for each bug they find in a given product. Many QA testers crowdsourced on these platforms perform the services in their free time to earn some extra cash on the side.

Quicker Results

These new types of crowdsourced testing afford software companies and mobile app firms quicker results. Traditional quality assurance teams are smaller. Thus, they take much longer to test every aspect of a given software product. Now, mobile app companies and similar can progress through the various quality assurance testing much more rapidly. This allows tech companies to churn out high-quality software products much quicker, which has implications for the entire technology industry.

Cost & Output

Quality assurance testing costs are directly related to tester output in crowdsourced testing models. This is because crowdsourced QA testers are paid by the bug. If a software product is flawless, or near flawless if we are being realistic, businesses can save a ton of money. That can incentivize software development teams to produce their best quality work at all times. It can also lower the overall QA testing costs that businesses can anticipate budgeting for. That could prove to promote increased research and development which only serves to further increase competition in one of the most competitive industries in existence.

Security & Confidentiality

Of course, crowdsourced testing also has serious implications for the overall security and confidentiality of the software development sector. Can development companies guarantee security and confidentiality if a vast amount of outsourced quality assurance testers have seen a product? The answer is no, they cannot. This poses another new challenge for the technology industry to address. Data security, firewall management and confidentiality is one of the largest tech industry issues in recent years. Clearly, this rising trend of crowdsourced quality assurance testing brings with it a whole new set of issues to identify and fix.

For those technology-industry professionals that like to stay abreast of the latest emerging development trends, crowdsourced QA testing is one of the most impactful trends of recent years. That is certainly one reason to pay attention to the matter. Use this crowdsourced testing guide to help you understand what crowdsourced testing solutions are and the impact of crowdsourced testing on the tech industry overall. Then, you can determine for yourself when these new technology solutions for QA testing are a win for the industry or just another fad.

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