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How To Find A Good Smartphone That Fits Your Unique Lifestyle


Today, smartphones are one of the most widely used electronic devices in the country. It can be hard to sort through the many different brands and types of smartphones to decide what’s a good choice for you. Thankfully, we have done that for you. If you are in the market for a smartphone, discover below what’s a good one for you based on your needs.


If you are an app or social media junkie, choosing the right smartphone is imperative. So what’s a good smartphone for apps? The iPhone, of course. iOS is one of the most user friendly operating systems available. Apple makes it easy to download, organize and use apps on every iPhone. If you want to go big, try the iPhone 6s, or test out the new iPhone SE if you want something more pocket-friendly. Almost every app is made available for iPhones, including the Gamecast NCAA app, so you can watch your college football games on-the-go. Obviously this makes sense, Apple popularized apps in the first place. This may be the best phone consideration for you if you value the ability to everything in one place.


If you just want a phone that looks good, you may want to get the iPhone too just like the people who love native mobile apps. The iPhone 7 has the widest array of phone color options to choose from. Retailers also always have a ton more iPhone 7 cases than they do Galaxy S8 cases. This allows you to change your phone whenever you want. If you want to always have a trendy phone that looks good, the newest iPhone is your best bet.


When you want a phone that works as hard as you do, try the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. The 5.7 inch display is accompanied by Samsung’s S pen. The S pen is a stylus that will keep your fingers from getting too tired as you respond to emails, scroll through spreadsheets and organize your schedule. When you are tired of the keyboard, you can jot down handwritten notes with the S pen. This makes it the perfect work device. If you are a business professional do your due diligence to determine whether the Samsung Galaxy Note may be a phone to consider.


If your main concern with getting a smartphone involves your wallet, do not worry. There are plenty of affordable options available that do not require you to worry about the type of microchips they have inside. Try out the Huawei Honor 5x. Priced at just $200 – a steal compared to some other $900 smartphones – the Huawei Honor 5x is a good compromise when it comes to style, capability and price. It even comes with some of the more high-end luxuries you can find in other smartphones, including a fingerprint reader and stylish metal backing. If you value cost, but do not want to sacrifice style, the Huawei Honor may be right for you.


For a phone that can keep up with your active lifestyle, take the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active for a spin. This rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy line is built to last. It is waterproof and dust resistant. You will not have to worry about all that dirt you kick up on your morning run, or splashes as you do laps in the pool. Like other Samsung phones, it even comes with a built in fitness app. S Health can track your heart rate, UV Light exposure and quality of sleep. In addition, you can also use it to track different meals and workouts. The Samsung Galaxy should be high on your list if you are a fitness junkie.


If you want a phone that doubles as a camera there are a lot of smartphones out there for you. What’s a good smartphone camera? Well, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge holds the title of top rated smartphone camera. With a variety of camera settings and high-quality sensors, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ranks among the best for photography use. The camera has totally changed the history of the invention of the camera. It has a super-fast auto-focus that will help you get the shot you want every time. Your Instagram photos will always look flawless. If you value the ability to leave your Canon at home, you may want to consider the Samsung Galaxy.

All Around Best

No one wants just a good smartphone. If they did, they could just buy a good old fashioned pair of 2 way radios. They want the best smartphone. If you identify with this statement, you are going to want to consider the best overall smartphone of 2016 – The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Why is this Android 6.0.1 OS phone the best? With its 5.5 inch, 1440×2560 resolution screen, you have never seen a phone this clear. Its 4GB of ram help the Samsung phone to quickly switch from task to task and back again. The Galaxy Edge offers a 12MP rear camera with a 5MP front camera, the best phone cameras ever seen. Coupled with the phone’s battery life improvements, the S7 Edge by Samsung is one of the best smartphones of 2016.

Samsung Galaxy

Now, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are once again hitting the top of everyone’s list for best smartphone in the year 2017. What is it that makes this Galaxy smartphone so great this time around? The phone’s excellent camera, fingerprint scanner, waterproofing features and rich features are once again earning it acclaim. If you want the best smartphone available, no matter what year it is, your best bet may be to use your PayPal gift card and go with the latest Samsung Galaxy device.

Finding the right smartphone for you can be tough with all the sales tools mobile companies use to influence your decision. Next time you are wondering “what’s a good smartphone?” take a moment to consider what you want to get out of it. If you lead an active lifestyle you may like the Samsung Galaxy. Or if you love staying up-to-date with social media apps, and iPhone may be the way to go. No matter what your specific needs are, there is a smartphone for you.

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