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Benefits Of Whiteboarding Solutions For Improved Business Collaboration


Whiteboarding is a videoconferencing technique in which all participants are shown the same shared document. And thankfully, it is very simple to understand an implement, unlike obfuscated code. If you are a business owner, you may want to consider the ways in which whiteboarding can help benefit your business. Consider the advantages whiteboarding has to offer below to determine if it would be useful for your company.

Visual Storytelling

Whiteboarding is an essential part of presenting in a video conference. Rather than simply speaking about a product or a goal you can physically show your audience what it all means. Using a whiteboarding PHP web application can allow you to tell a story to clients or coworkers. By drawing charts and marking up documents before their eyes, you are giving them a more nuanced understanding of the subject. Visual storytelling will allow you to clarify information. You can present your ideas and have confidence that your audience was fully able to grasp the concept. This is a unique aspect of whiteboarding. Remember that you can engage your audience better with the visuals provided by whiteboarding.

The Novelty Of It

Whiteboarding also provides another advantage through its novelty use. Employing new techniques and strategies keep employees engaged. This increased team interest will have a great impact on overall team productivity. If you want to increase employee engagement, whiteboarding solutions can help you do just that.

Real Time Engagement

In conjunction with the visual storytelling benefits, whiteboarding softwares often include built-in tools for editing a shared document. This means that all video conference participants can see changes being made to the document in real time. Your audience will be engaged with the conversation even more with the addition of document sharing. The real time visuals whiteboarding provides are immensely beneficial to all participants. The finished product is certain to be representational of every one that collaborated to produce it. If you want your clients and employees to see exactly what you are talking about, consider whiteboarding as an option.

Variety Of Options

One drawback of whiteboarding, particularly for small businesses, may be that it is expensive. The cost of downloading whiteboard software may be too much. However, another benefit of whiteboarding is that there are a plethora of options available for the service. There may even be more options than you find when choosing a printer. For example, free online services like A Web Whiteboard allow you to create and share whiteboards to collaborate with people across the globe. Many videoconferencing services also offer whiteboarding software now. You can speak to your current provider to see what other options are available to you. Whiteboarding is all about the accessibility and clarity of information. You can make that happen with any whiteboarding software or website.

Increased Sales

For business owners, the bottom line is your bottom line. Whiteboarding has proven to be an excellent investment in that regard. With whiteboarding, documents can be edited and shared by all participants. This encourages collaboration amongst the group. Everyone can brainstorm and bounce ideas off of one another as they mark up the same document. Businesses have reported seeing a correlation between the use of whiteboarding software and increased productivity and quota achievements. With whiteboarding, you can encourage your employees to achieve their goals together. The collaborative efforts made during a whiteboarding session are bound to provide you with an increase in sales.

If you are a business owner, consider whiteboarding as a possible benefit to your business. If you want to conduct video conferences, like a supercomputing conference, that are engaging and efficient, whiteboarding may be the technique you need. Encourage collaboration and success by sharing visuals and documents. With whiteboarding, you can draw up a sales pitch that will catch everyone’s eye.

Whiteboarding Solution

If you have decided you want to implement this technique at your business, why not give it a try? Using a web whiteboard, like AWWapp, you can use any computer, tablet or smartphone to collaborate with your team, visualize ideas and then share them with whoever you desire. You can try this whiteboarding provider out for free. Just remember to make sure your firewall management guidelines are set up to allow the service. Then if you decide you like the service, consider purchasing a premium plan for more features and benefits. We are sure you will not be disappointed.

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