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Why Influencer Marketing Offers Better ROI Than Other Online Ads

Influencer marketing is taking the business world by storm. But what is influencer marketing? Why is it so effective? Find out all about the topic and why you want to use influencer marketing strategies to improve brand awareness and sales volume for your business below.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is the name given to the social media marketing you see on Instagram and other social media apps. This type of marketing uses key internet personalities to deliver your brand message to your target audience of consumers. This is a more personal form of marketing. It allows someone that your target audience thinks of as a friend to spread the word about your business. This allows for a more personal brand experience, which is part of the reason why influencer marketing is one of the hottest business trends right now. It is also the reason why selling Twitter accounts is such a lucrative business opportunity.

Who Qualifies As An Influencer?

An influencer is someone who is considered to be an expert on a certain topic. In order to qualify as an influencer, a person’s social media accounts should have a considerable following that actively engages with their content. Companies like WEBRIS Fort Lauderdale can find many social media influencers in the areas of fashion, health and fitness, education, social justice and more. In fact, you can find an influencer for any industry or topic. It is just about making sure their accounts are considered an authority in their industry by their follows.

Influencer Marketing Statistics

Influencer marketing needs to be on every business owners’ radar. This is proven by the most recent statistics found about the field. Almost 50% of web users use ad blocking tools on their web browser. That means your online advertising is not reaching quite the audience you would want it to. In addition, over 90% of consumers trust influencer reviews more than they trust branded advertising from a business. Consumers, almost 75% of them in fact, visit social media to inform their purchase decisions. This makes influencer marketing the best way to reach a wide audience with the highest odds of efficacy possible. It is much more effective than on site SEO, but when both strategies are used together, they are an unstoppable internet advertising force.

Return On Investment

Influencer marketing tactics also provide a better return on investment than other digital marketing strategies. Recent studies show that the average business generates $6.50 revenue for each $1 they invest into influencer marketing strategies. This is a huge deal for business owners on a budget. You can spend less money and get better returns by marketing with influencers and social media personalities.

No Ad Blockers

Ad blockers are effectively killing online marketing performance. With so many people having ad blocking software installed on their web browsers, online ad campaigns are not as effective as they used to be. Influencer ads, like other social media ads, get around these ad blockers. That means more consumers see your content, which will certainly improve your clickthrough rates.

If you want to generate business, influencer marketing can help you do just that. The reason why influencer marketing is taking off online is because it provides a higher return on investment for businesses. You can get more clicks on ads and improve online brand awareness for your company at the same time. If this sounds like something you want to do, start using influencer marketing strategies to improve online presence for your brand as soon as possible. Just be sure to do a DNS speed test every once in awhile to make sure all those page visitors are having a great user experience after you get them to your page.

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