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Why Use Parental Control Apps For Kids’ Internet Activity

Activity of kids on the internet should be under regular parental control. Some parents underestimate a necessity of it. It makes them safe from losing understanding of their child.

Research shows that the consciousness of gadgets addicted children is altered. Such kids get serious psychological problems. They stop studying well at school. To eliminate this problem, adults have to influence child’s presence online. For this precise mission parental control software has to be used by parents.

Advantages of  Parental Control Apps

Parental control software offers a unique application. It helps adults to control children’s activity online. It is a software that can work on all types of devices and operating systems. A good app can be easily installed on Android and iOS smartphones. Parental control apps have many advantages. Here are benefits that are most of all appreciated by the adults:

It is possible to block social media channels. Social media is such a widespread phenomenon that many kids get addicted. They post on Instagram or Facebook instead of studies. The app gives adults an opportunity to block any social media online. A kid won’t be able to access it from her or his used iphone.

You can partially block access to some games. Children are keen on gaming. It is indispensable part of their life. However, online gaming can become not healthy. If children spend too much time playing computer games, it will bring harm. Parents can block websites that propose games to play.

You can open access to some educational websites. Not all online platforms are directly harmful. There are many educational platforms that can educate a child online. Parents can open access to such websites.

It is possible to fully block access to websites with content that isn’t right for kids. There is too much adult type of content on the web, especially in native advertising that could have suggestive ads. Very often, such information pops-up even if a person does not look for it. You can block such types of platforms. Your child won’t be traumatized.

You can limit online presence of your kid time-wise. Internet is a good source of information if it is used wisely. You can limit the amount of time your kid can stay online. If you suggest that 1 hour per day is enough, you have to turn on a timer. After time runs out, a child will not be able to use any websites.

How Much Does Kidlox Cost?

A parent control app is a unique software. It will play an important role in the life of your child, but does not cost much. You can get an app at zero cost for 14 day trial. Simply download an application to a gadget of the child.

Afterwards, some apps cost a month subscription costs as little as 3.99 dollars. If you understand that this software is necessary further, you can buy a subscription. Cost per month goes down as the time of subscription increases. Six months subscription is only 19.99 dollars. You can get one year subscription for 39.99. The best offer is a lifetime subscription at 79.99 dollars for lifetime.

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