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Why SSL Certificates Are Important To Every Website

SSL is an acronym that’s likely to sound familiar to you, even if you don’t know exactly what it is. Usually, most popular and large websites will already have an SSL certificate, although you may not have noticed it before. All it means is that when you look at the navigation bar in your browser, you see a small green padlock, that means that any of the data that is transmitted through the website you are on will remain secure.

Known as Secure Sockets Layer, SSL is used to secure the data that is transmitted through the internet between your destination servers and your computer. This could include the password that you use to log into your Facebook account, or the credit card information that you enter when you buy something online. Basically, it’s there for any information that you don’t want other people to see.

With the help of an SSL certificate, any of the information that you transmit can become encrypted thanks to the insertion of random characters into the original message which means that the content becomes unreadable to anyone except for the server intended. This means that it’s much harder for hackers to get their hands on your information.

Why Is SSL Important to your Company?

In simple terms, SSL is important to any website because it lets people know that your business is secure, so that they can trust giving you their information. Today’s consumers are just as paranoid online as they have ever been, which means that they want to be certain of the safety behind your website before they begin handing over their details. If you’re wondering whether you need SSL for your website, then the answer is probably yes, as any company that is online today can benefit from showing their customers that they care about their security.

If you have a website, particularly one that asks for details from a customer, or uses some kind of ecommerce platform, you will find that SSL is a must-have. Not only does it help to keep your customer’s data as safe as possible, but having that padlock on your website also helps to put their mind at ease too, because it assures them that you are an authentic business. You will need to make sure that whatever internet banking information you send as a consumer over the internet is going to the right server, and an SSL certificate can help with this.

Starting from this year, 2017, Google will begin to identify any website that doesn’t’ have an SSL certificate as not secure, which can be very worrisome for some customers, and it’s something that you definitely want to avoid as a business.

SSL Certificates Show Authority

When you go to the website for the bank of America, you know that you’re in the right place, rather than on a fake website or scam website, because you should be able to see the padlock within the navigation bar. Another way to ensure that a website is secure is to see that the http has been replaced by https in the URL. If you can’t see these things on a website, then the website is probably not secure.

How to get an SSL on your Website

A standard certificate for SSL can cost very little on a yearly basis depending on the hosting provider that you’re working with. If you want to put SSL on your server, then you’ll need to begin by looking at what your hosting provider offers. You will have to generate a certificate signing request, which should determine which server will use your certificate, as well as the domain names that can use your SSL.

Once you have made the request appropriately, you will be able to request an SSL certificate. If you aren’t using hosting through your own server, then you will need to offer documentation that states you are the actual owner of the Icann domain names in question. After you have been sent a file with your SSL certificate, you will be able to finally install your padlock onto your server.

The chances are that if you weren’t familiar with SSL before you read this article, you’ll begin to notice it on websites more often. If you do notice a website without an SSL, you should think carefully before you submit information.

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