Wednesday , 8 December 2021

5 WiFi Security Camera Features To Consider For Smart Home Integration

If you have not already got started turning your home into a smart home, you are missing out. Smart home gadgets, like smart LED lights and WiFi surveillance cameras, can greatly increase your home’s energy efficiency and overall security. If you are looking to get improve home security by purchasing a WiFi surveillance camera, there are some features that you should definitely look for first. This solution is much more affordable than using supplicant security. Find out what you need to consider before deciding on a surveillance camera below.

Field of View

Purchasing a smart surveillance camera without considering the device’s field of view is a mistake many shoppers make. However, it is something you certainly need to consider. There is not much difference between the field of views for some of the top WiFi surveillance cameras. However, it could make the difference between effective security monitoring and an intruder slipping past the camera. Field of view for these devices can range from just 100 degrees to 180 degrees. Make sure you consider the location of your device and the field of view that location requires before purchasing any WiFi surveillance camera.


The best surveillance cameras will offer multiple means of storage. Most of the top surveillance cameras offer cloud storage that is not accessible from the Microsoft search server. However, you can decide for yourself whether you need local storage in addition to cloud storage. If you do decide to purchase a security camera with cloud storage, just be sure to check how long the videos will be stored for. Whichever you decide, WiFi surveillance camera storage is one of the most important features to consider when you are shopping.


Many of the most popular surveillance cameras offer seamless integration with other smart home gadgets. Some integrate with If This Than That, or IFTTT. Others integrate with Amazon Alexa, Nest or Apple Homekit. Some WiFi surveillance cameras do not integrate with any smart home devices at all. Consider how technology-enabled you want your home to be when shopping for a smart surveillance camera. This will help you to set up your smart home for seamless operation.


Some smart home surveillance cameras allow live streaming through a native mobile application. Others make use of a web application. Consider where and when you expect to want to view your security camera video. If you want to access it on your work computer, you should probably buy a WiFi surveillance camera with a web app. Otherwise, a native mobile app might be enough. Either way, this is something you should consider before you buy your surveillance camera.

Night Vision

Nowadays, almost all of the top security cameras feature night vision capabilities. However, if you are looking to buy one of the cheap WiFi surveillance cameras, this is something to look out for. You will need night vision if you plan to use your surveillance camera outdoors. You may even prefer to have night vision capabilities for indoor security surveillance as well. Make sure that any security camera you consider has night vision if you want to use it in low-light conditions.

Shoppers sometimes forget to consider the features they need before buying a smart home device or smart home enabled gadget, like a WiFi surveillance camera or a Fitbit. However, you need to consider the features above when you are shopping for the perfect WiFi enabled security camera. This way, you can ensure the safety of your home and the functioning of your future smart home. Make sure you consider your needs when shopping, and you are sure to be pleased with your selection.

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