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Top WinDirStat Alternative Software To Help Manage Storage Space


WinDirStat is a free, open-sourced disk usage analyzer designed for Microsoft Windows. This program assists Windows users in monitoring their computer storage, or NAS storage, by scanning internal, external and networked drives, listing the percentage of space each file extension takes up and sending detailed computer storage reports straight to their email. Many users enjoy this program. However, the most recent version of WinDirStat was released almost 10 years ago in 2007, leaving many users to seek out more updated programs. If you are interested in finding the perfect WinDirStat alternative for your computer, you have come to the right place. Below, we have listed 6 different disk usage analyzers that can do the job.


DaisyDisk is another WinDirStat alternative that offers complete graphic displays of occupied space. This service allows you to see the space occupied by each individual file type, unlike similar Aventail app offerings. It also has features that allow you to scan the content of any folder or drive on your device. If you want a simple, no frills solution, DaisyDisk is the alternative WinDirStat software for you.


Baobab software is a disk analyzer. This software helps you obtain disk usage information in graph form. This will certainly help you monitor disk and drive usage whenever you need in a manner that is almost as easy to understand as digital storyboards. Baobab is useful for full file system scans, in particular. If you want to see your disk space information as well as folder structure in graph form, consider using Baobab.

Space Sniffer

Space Sniffer is a popular alternative to this Windows storage program. It is a freeware program, which means that you do not have to pay for the services. Space Sniffer is guaranteed to work on everything from Windows 2000 to Windows 8, with new releases in the works for the latest Windows 10 operating system. Clearly, this is not the solution for big data analytics. However, if you are using the software for personal, at-home use, its features should be enough. If you want a program that is free and easy to use, Space Sniffer is a great option.

TreeSize Free

TreeSize Free is another great choice for those seeking to replace their WinDirStat program. TreeSize Free can scan network drives and identify your computer’s largest files. If you ant to know where your precious disk space has gone, TreeSize Free can show you with a variety of useful filters. That way, you can view and organize your storage space based on a variety of flexible components.


Disktective is a great WinDirStat alternative option for those who want simple visuals to represent the data on their computer. Disktective not only scans your drives for storage space, it also presents you with a pie chart so that you can see exactly how much space each file type is consuming. Another unique aspect to this program is that it does not need to be installed on your computer. Instead, you can just copy the program files onto your hard disk and it will work perfectly, so you can find out if you have enough space available for the new Dead Rising 3 PC game.


SpaceMonger is another disk space analyzer that is a bit more advanced. This program is similar to WinDirStat in that it has tree view and graphical map features with helpful configuration tools. Unfortunately, unlike SpaceSniffer, there are no easing browsing capabilities, especially if you still use cartridges. However, the software also has options to view information in graphs and stats, which is very useful. If you do not mind paying almost $25 for a disk analyzer, SpaceMonger is another option.


WizTree, a program developed by Antibody Software, supports all hard drive file system types. No matter your file system, WizTree can scan your larges folders to see exactly what is eating up your storage space. Unlike WinDirState, WizTree is consistently updated with new features and bug fixes so you can be sure you are using the best program available. This is certainly a better alternative than a software like Foldershare.


JDiskReport is another disk management tool that does the job for any file system. In addition to scanning and identifying large files, JDiskReport also provides graphic displays of the computer’s storage. Additionally, this is a great option for users of many different operating systems. Windows is not the only beneficiary of this great disk analyzers. Mac and Linux are also supported. If you want a versatile and effective disk manager, this is the one for you.

WinDirStat is an excellent program to help you manage your computer’s storage space. However, without consistent updates, this software will quickly fall behind. Instead, consider using one of these popular WinDirStat alternatives. After all, you would not want to buy resume software that was out of date. Why would you do it for disk usage analysis software?

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