Tuesday , 28 March 2023

All You Need To Know About Windows 10 Updates Before Downloading

In our previous post on Microsoft’s integration of Skype into OneDrive, we noted that Microsoft is seeking to right all the wrongs made in the Window 8 release. It is evident that Microsoft is pushing for compatibility and integration across all devices and platforms. They want to be the one company that you may not see, but is everywhere behind the scenes.


Many Windows 8 PC users probably used the Windows Store for home use, if at all. The store was originally intended for personal use, Featuring a few serious tools like office. However, Microsoft recently released their intentions to make the store business friendly, even for those with an overclocked CPU.

This is another exciting feature of Windows 10. It clearly supports division of Satya Nadella to make cloud and collaboration a top priority. With a Business friendly app store, Windows will have a single location for apps across all devices. Again, we are seeing the emphasis on one product, one platform, one drive, etc.

For businesses, the store will feature increased flexibility and control of the apps available. It will also provide enhanced security and update options for IT administrators. If things go Microsoft’s way, the store would replace company’s private portals for apps. This would be a cost savings to enterprise customers (as long as the transition costs are not too high). Furthermore, companies can create their own portal to still maintain a level of privacy and flexibility.

More interestingly, the store would allow device management capabilities. This would allow companies to take on a wider BYOD (bring your own device) policy with lower security risks, like the Biotech operating system. It would allow administrators to install, uninstall, update and manage app access or licensing.

If you are really excited about the new release, You can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview today. Sign up with the Windows Insider Program to get access. Testing will be continued to ensure that application compatibility is available.

How To Download Windows 10 Updates

The Windows 10 updates can be downloaded directly from the Windows App store. Whether you are on a computer, laptop, tablet or phone, the Windows 10 release is already out and running. To download the latest Windows update, go to Settings, then Updates and Security and finally, click on Windows update. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time to download and install the update. It can take 1-2 hours in some PC cases.

Unfortunate Additions

The most recent Windows 10 updates have come with some unpleasant surprises for users. Thankfully, however, webcam security is not one of these nasty surprises. One of these is the presences of app ads. The Windows 10 Creators update promotes apps alongside apps you already have installed. Many find this a bit intrusive. However, as long as you know the apps are being advertised in the share tool, you can avoid falling victim to them. Just be sure to keep this in mind when you download the latest Windows 10 updates.

What do you think about Microsoft’s commitment to combine personal and business applications? Do you agree with the direction Windows 10 is taking? We would be happy to hear your input below.

Image from http://www.neowin.net/news/windows-10-one-app-store-across-all-devices

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