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5 Reasons Why Windows Server Standard Outperforms Datacenter Edition

Web administrators have a ton of different server solutions to consider using for their digital properties. But of course, some server options are better than others. Windows servers are among the best. And, Windows offers website admins two distinct server options to choose from – Windows Server Standard Edition and Windows Server Datacenter Edition. Many admins think they have to choose Windows Server Datacenter if they want maximum computing performance capabilities. However, this is not true. If you are a web admin looking for the best servers to host your website, keep reading below to learn why Windows Server Standard edition is the right hosting solution for you.

RAM Limit

Windows Server Standard and Datacenter editions both have the same RAM limit. This is certainly a reason to give further consideration to the Windows standard server over the more expensive datacenter version for your VPN. One of the biggest concerns for website administrators is the RAM allowances of their servers. That is because without enough RAM, your website performance could suffer. Thankfully, both Windows Server Standard and Server Datacenter editions offer 24 TB RAM. Shelling out more cash for the Windows Server Datacenter edition will not provide you with any additional RAM. That is why all website administrators should be willing to consider the Windows Server Standard solution.

Cost Savings

The Windows Server Standard cost is much more affordable than the Datacenter edition. Obviously this is a considerable advantage, especially for website administrators who may be operating on a tighter budget than other non-digital businesses. While Windows Server Datacenter will cost you almost $6,200, Windows Server Standard will only cost you $1,200. This is a great way to save money without sacrificing website performance for your digital properties. Ultimately, lower costs will help you rededicate that money into other digital technologies that could improve website performance. The low cost of Windows Server Standard edition is certainly reason enough to invest in the software.

Hyper-V Containers

Hyper-V containers are a useful tool found in both editions of Windows Server software. However, each Elcomsoft alternatives software solution has varying amounts of Hyper-V containers that users are granted access to. With Windows Datacenter, you have unlimited containers. But with the standard edition, you still have access to two Hyper-V container solutions. That is why Windows Standard Server is better for digital property management that requires a little virtualization. It is the perfect affordable solution to host lightly virtualized environments, which is a great fit for most website admins. That is why you should consider the standard edition over the more expensive option.

CPU Limit

Windows Server Standard edition solutions also offer the same CPU limit as the more expensive Datacenter edition software. This is a clear advantage to using the standard Windows software. It is much more affordable, yet provides access to the same CPU capabilities afforded to the higher-priced Datacenter edition. Both server solutions have a CPU limit of 512 cores maximum. That provides quite a bit of flexibility to website administrators. It allows you the flexibility and scalability digital property management requires. This is one of the biggest reasons to consider the cheaper Windows server alternative over the more expensive Datacenter server solutions.

Host Guardian Service

Windows Server Standard solutions also provide access to the Windows Host Guardian Service. This is a feature that was not previously offered to Windows Server Essentials. But, it has always been provided to Windows Server Datacenter users. That is why it is so beneficial that Windows Server Standard includes this service. The Host Guardian Service ensures that Hyper-V hosts run trusted software. It also helps to manage virtual machine keys. These features will improve cyber security for your entire property management operation. Ultimately, that benefits your website performance, reliability and trustworthiness. These are certainly reasons to choose Windows Server Standard edition software over other server options.

All website admins need server solutions to host their digital properties. Most want to find viable MGCP alternatives for their digital properties. Windows offers several solutions to consider, but one option stands out as the most viable for most webpage administrators. Windows Server Standard edition software includes all the best features of the more expensive Windows Server Datacenter edition software, but without the huge price tag. If you want to save money without sacrificing performance, the standard Windows server software is the choice to go with. Consider these Windows Server standard features and benefits when making your decision.

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