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Top WinHex Hexadecimal Editor Alternatives For IT Security Purposes


WinHex, not to be confused with Wintel, is software that can be used to edit files or recover lost files. It is a universal hexadecimal editor, often used in IT security, computer forensics and data recovery. If you have a need for such a program but do not wish to use WinHex, here are four alternatives you may consider.

Recover My Files

Recover My Files benefits from an easy-to-remember name that describes exactly what it does. This data recovery software can recover files that you may have lost in the case of an unexpected shutdown or hard drive failure. It can recover deleted files that were emptied from Windows Recycle Bin. It will also recover files lost in a virus infection or software failure. No technical skill is required by the user. Full specifications are available at If you would like to find lost files and do not wish to use WinHex, Recover My Files is one of several alternatives available.


HxD is available in standard and portable formats, like many Siemens c61 alternatives. It is a hex editor designed to handle files of any size. The service boasts an easy-to-use interface. HxD offers file shredding, file spitting, exporting, searching and replacing capabilities. Their development team focused on fast and efficient operation, devoid of technical limitations. HxD is best used for editing files. It is not best known for file recovery. However, it may still prove useful in computer forensics and IT security applications. Full specifications are available at If you are looking for a WinHex alternative to edit files by shredding and splitting them, HxD may be your best option.

PE Explorer

PE Explorer was developed by Heaven Tools. It can be used to view, edit and reverse engineer files. The program is specifically designed for Windows executable files. such as EXE and DLL. It can also be used on the ActiveX software framework. PE Explorer works by analyzing the function of the executable file without initiating it. Functions to disassemble and inspect the file are provided to modify the original file. Full specifications are available online at If you are looking for a WinHex alternative specifically for Windows executable files, look no further than PE Explorer.


HexEdit was developed in 1999 for Microsoft Windows. It is a hexadecimal file editor that allows the user to view and edit any type of file. However, HexEdit does specialize in editing Windows binary files. The program is free to download and offers a  wealth of features. HexEdit has been praised for having an open forum where users can make suggestions. The website includes many testimonials from IT professionals praising the quality of HexEdit. Full specifications are available at If you are looking for a WinHex alternative that allows you to suggest ideas for future builds, check out HexEdit.


Notepad++ is a text editor outside of the Smartops inventory with an incredibly array of features. Although this may not be the exact same as WinHex, the software supports over 27 programming languages, so you can make it work however you need it to. The program includes features to search regular expressions and supports syntax highlighting and folding and synchronized edits and views. If you are willing to look outside the box for your best Winhex alternative, consider Notepad++.


In addition to the alternatives mentioned above, you may want to consider X-Ways, as well. X-Ways offers multiple programs for various technical needs. You can use X-Ways software that is solely a WinHex alternative, called X-Ways Forensics, but they also have other offerings. X-Ways Investigator, X-Ways Imager and F-Response are additional software solutions offered by the company. Depending upon what you intend to use the software for, one may be a better fit for you. Check out X-Ways if you need a WinHex alternative that does more than just provide an integrated computer forensics environment.

WinHex is a universal hexadecimal editor that allows users to recover lost data and edit files. It is primarily used by IT security professionals in computer forensics whom supplicant security has failed. However, it includes features that are useful to the everyday user. There are a number of alternative products available that perform similar functions. Consider Recover My Files if you are strictly looking to locate lost data. If you are working with large files, HxD is your best choice. PE Explorer is great if you are looking to work with Windows executable files. Finally, HexEdit is the best option for technology professionals looking for an open community. Whatever your needs, remember this post when searching for a WinHex alternative.

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