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6 Wireless Network Optimization Tips To Score Maximum Performance

networkHaving a weak wireless network can be a serious pain, especially if you are paying big monthly fees to a cable company and have to constantly search for the lifelock number to contact them for help. If you run a small, medium or large sized business, having a weak connection can be even worse – especially if you run an online store or if you depend on your network to run your business. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to improve your wireless network and to make your signal stronger – without having to completely uproot and switch over to a new provider. With a little resourcefulness and wherewithal, you will be able to strengthen your network, so that your enterprise can increase efficiency and productivity without having to learn the subsytem definition. Here are five enterprise wireless network optimization tips.

What Is A Wireless Network?

Before getting started, you should have a clear understanding of the answer to the questions “what is a wireless network.” Quite simply, it is the radio waves that connects devices to the internet, like those used in Vblocks. These waves carry signal and data that do not require a wired connection like an Ethernet cable or network cable.

Wired vs. Wireless Differences

So what are the differences between a wireless network and a wired network? Simply put, a wired network connects devices and gadgets to the internet using cables, similar to hybrid cloud solutions. The most common form of wired networks utilize Ethernet ports to connect to the internet. A wireless network, obviously, does not use wires. In the past, many believed wired networks were faster and safer. However, thanks to modern technological improvements, wireless networks are now just as fast and secure as their wired counterparts.

Use Wireless Repeaters

There is a good chance that your wireless signal is not strong enough  because your enterprise has a lot of square footage to roam. Multitenancy can also be responsible for poor signals. It could be that your signal just isn’t traveling far enough. To remedy this situation, you want to use something called a wireless repeater, which can be installed throughout your business. Basically, these repeaters pick up and repeat the signal, so that more of your enterprise gets a connection.

Reconfigure Wireless Standards

If you want to optimize a wireless network, you should configure the wireless standards on your access point. Your access point will be more reliable, if you do. It will also provide improved network performance. Configure access points to run 802.11n. Using just this standard and no others is the best way to improve your wireless network performance.

Rearrange The Router

If you have a smaller business – like a store or a studio – you may have to simply move your router to another part of your establishment. Things like desks, walls and other obstructions can block your signal and it can cause your entire network to not work as efficiently. So, you may want to move your router to a part of your business that has no obstructions or no obstacles that could possibly block the signal. The middle of your establishment is often the best place for a router, because it can often allow for the signal to travel farther and increase internet speed for free.

Use A Different Channel

If your business uses voice protocols to speak with customers or other businesses and a number of other cable based application, it could be that you simply have too many networks running on one channel. If you already understand endpoints, this kind of extreme bandwidth can significantly slow down your entire system. If this is the case, you may want to split the channels according, so that you can minimize the bandwidth and maximize your signal.

Use An Antennae Alignment Tool

When it comes down to it, you may even want to use an antenna alignment tool. Basically, if there is nothing you can do to truly optimize your network, you may want to go with an alignment tool, which can basically pull down fleeting signals and use them to strengthen yours. At the end of the day, an alignment tool could drastically improve your signal.

Build A Signal Tower

If you really can’t get a solid signal at all, you may want to build a signal tower. Having your own signal tower can be expensive, but it may be worth it after putting in proper security measures like firewall management, especially if your business is in an area where a signal is incredibly hard to find. When it comes down to it, it may be worth the investment if your enterprise relies on a strong network.

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