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5 Top WordPress Software Development Principles For Developers

There are several top WordPress software development principles for your business. More than 20% of all websites are build on WordPress. WordPress is extremely secure, flexible and powerful. As a result, it’s the preferred website development solution for most businesses. As a WordPress developer, you need the latest trends and practices to create the best user experience for your platform. Of course, there are many ways how to promote your website to gain new users. Here are the top WordPress software development principles for developers.

Come Up With An Idea

The first top WordPress software development principle is coming up with an idea.  Seed an idea based on needs, use-case scenarios or competition. You must validate that the premium product or service will work. The best WordPress solutions deliver utility, making customers lives easier, better or secure. Even the most simplistic WordPress tools can offer additional features and innovation. Whether you’re developing a new website, platform or plugin, develop an idea that serves a wide audience base. Ideation is a key WordPress development principle to follow.

Use Frameworks And Themes

Secondly, frameworks and themes are popular WordPress development principles. Use frameworks, from either a third-party or your own creation. You will have most of the code needed to start developing, preventing you from having to rewrite code. Choose between barebones frameworks, which you can add to, or comprehensive options, where you pick project functionality. More so, you can use WordPress themes to speed up your coding process. In fact, the most used theme on WordPress is the “_s theme”. You receive the bare bones needed to create different themes quickly. Or, you can create your own stater themes through a basic code. Create a simple one you can add to or numerous variations for different project types. Certainly, frameworks and themes are popular WordPress development principles to use.

Design Based On Specific Scenarios

Next, a top WordPress software development principle is to design your project based on specific scenarios. Scenarios and examples drive the best design processes. Each design is developed one scenario at a time, which satisfies the user’s “happy paths” goal. Moreover, developers who provide working programs with end-to-end functionalities, such as business logic and the UI, fare better than those with horizontal solutions. By focusing on one scenario, you receive user feedback for features sooner, which fastens the learning process. Additionally, you would only have to deliver about 75% of the software before its released, also known as incremental delivery. This is because you will have 75% working end-to-end features instead of 75% of all features layers. Definitely, follow the development principle of designing your project based off specific scenarios.

KISS Principle

Additionally, use the popular WordPress software development “keep it simple, stupid” (KISS) principle. KISS implements clear and simple codes which are easy to understand. The code is for humans, like yourself, to understand, so keep your methods small, never exceeding more than 50 lines. Ensure that each method solves only one problem by breaking various conditions into smaller methods. This break down will make the code easier to read and maintain. In fact, you will also be able to find bugs a lot quicker. Surely, consider the KISS principle when using the WordPress platform for development.

Integrate Plugins

Finally, plugins are a top WordPress software principle for developers. Plugins offer extra sets of code that can be implemented on WordPress. WordPress has over 45,000 plugins within it’s directory. As a result, you can add numerous functions and features to your site. However, only integrate plugins you need or will use. The more plugins you have, the higher the chance of problems because you need to implement extra code. As a result, it can cause page speed complications and plugin incompatibility issues. Of course, a top principle for WordPress software developers is to utilize plugins carefully.

There are various best WordPress software development principles for developers. First, come up with an idea based off needs, competition or use-case scenarios. Secondly, use frameworks and themes for simplified codes processes and starter options. Next, design your program based on specific scenarios to receive the best processes, end-to-end functionalities and user feedback. Consider using the KISS principle for simplified coding, easy maintenance and faster bug searches. Finally, integrate plugins for features and functionalities. Of course, be cautious about the amount of plugins you use to avoid page speed problems and incompatibility issues. Moreover, there are several SEO guidelines WordPress web developers should follow to completely optimize your site. These are the top WordPress software development principles for developers.

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