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Top 5 Workstation Computers For Maximum Computing Power At Home

Freelancers do not have the benefit of being supplied a workstation by their employer. However, this can be an advantage. It allows you to select the perfect workstation computer for your particular needs and preferences. It will cost you quite a bit of money, but it is a necessary investment for your career. Keep reading below to learn the top workstation computers available for you to consider using in your home office, shared working space or wherever.

Dell Precision Tower 5810

The Dell Precision Tower 5810 workstation is a customizable option at an affordable price. This workstation tower is perfect for the home office because of its slim design. However, the slim package does not take away the excellent power levels of the device. The Precision Tower 5810 has an Intel Xeon e5-1620 v3 processor with 8GB RAM and an AMD FirePro W2100 2GB graphics card. If you want a substantial amount of power in a small space for a decent price, this may be one of the best workstation devices for you.

HP ZBook 17 G3

The HP ZBook 17 G3 is a mobile workstation for freelancers on-the-go. If you do not frequently work from home, mobile workstations are a must. The HP ZBook is the standard for mobile workstations. This device has a great build with plenty of configurability. ZBooks come with a five year warranty, as well. This is a huge benefit that other competitors do not match. In addition, the 14-inch display is the perfect size to make this mobile workstation laptop portable but user-friendly. If you want a mobile workstation, this is the one for you to stay on the right side of the digital divide.

Apple Mac Pro

If you are an Apple person, the Apple Mac Pro is the workstation for you. This workstation tower has an Intel Xeon E5-1680 v2 processor with 32GB RAM and an AMD FirePro D700 graphics card. It is one of the most powerful workstations out there. However, it will also cost you almost $7,000. If you do not mind spending quite a bit of money, consider having a look at the Apple Mac Pro workstation.


The APEXX 5, from BOXX, is for the freelancer who needs maximum power customized. APEXX 5 workstations can be customized to have the absolute maximum of expansion cards, hard drives, memory and CPU cores. You cannot beat that performance power. However, buying one of the most powerful workstations will cost you. The APEXX 5 8401 with basic configuration specs will cost you just under $8,000, while the APEXX 5 8904 starts at almost $11,000. If money is no object and you need maximum computing power, the BOXX APEXX 5 is the supercomputing machine for you.

HP Z840

If you prefer the HP brand, but do not need a mobile workstation, consider the HP Z840. This HP workstation features a reduced boot up, calculation and graphics response than your traditional HP. It also features support for up to 8 displays, which is incredible for those working in video editing or graphic design. If you want a traditional HP workstation, this is the one to go with.

If you are a freelancer, having a top-of-the-line workstation is a must. This will help you to perform your best work so that you can keep clients coming back for more. Consider the workstation computers mentioned above. These are some of the top workstations available today. Make sure you purchase the machine that best fits your needs. This way, you can make a quick return on your investment and only have to worry about making sure to increase bandwidth for your home office.

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