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Wrike Software Features For Simple Multi-Functional Project Management


Wrike is a project management program that was developed for business users of all kinds, from freelancers to CEOs. This full-featured software offers an all-in-one solution for teams. If you are searching for multi-functional project management tools that can benefit your business, you should consider this online software for project management. Below is a list of some main Wrike features that can help improve the productivity of your business.

Personal Dashboard

In addition to personal dashboards, your Wrike workspace includes the My Work view that sorts your assignments into today, tomorrow, this week, and later. This software clearly makes excellent use of the power of Nen. You can drag and drop tasks between lists to adjust priorities and manage your personal workload. This web based project management software helps you keep your personal to-do list organized.

Cloud-Based Software

The fact that Wrike is a cloud-based app is another main selling point. With cloud technology, this project management software makes collaboration possible across all platforms and devices. And whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the go, you can complete tasks and communicate with your team from anywhere with Wrike’s free mobile apps.

Real-Time Updates

Another digital project feature that makes this program exceptional is the Activity Stream, which displays a real-time newsfeed of project updates and discussions. In addition to keeping everyone in the loop, this feature also has the added benefit of freeing you from chasing down status updates from your team so you have time to complete more important tasks. Real-time updates mean that you can get the latest work updates in minutes, without having to pause your own work for a status update email or meeting. In addition, Wrike’s built-in Gantt Chart software shows the current status of your project on a visual timeline, flagging overdue deadlines and helping you compare your planned schedule with your actual progress.

Email Integrations

When it comes to the many popular Wrike features, their email integration is one of the most highly praised. The built-in email integration allows users to turn email messages into Wrike tasks with a single click. The calendar integrations also help to keep you more organized and productive, which is essential to successfully completing any project.

Reporting Functions

Wrike, the WinDirStat alternative, also offers project and team reporting to give you the visibility required to make informed, real-time decisions. Using the Reports feature on Wrike, you can gain insight with Report Templates by using the report wizard to create or edit your reports. You can use the project management software to share your interactive reports in real time and even schedule report update notifications. These reporting features provided by Wrike are unmatched.


Communication is one of the other most highly praised features of this useful program. The ability to keep in touch with your team is an important part of effective task management, as many ToDoist Premium users know. Wrike helps to improve the communication process through instant notifications, @mentions in task comments, collaborative editing, and the ability to share tasks. And if you want to get a client’s opinion or approval, Wrike’s Proofing & Approval features make it easy and straightforward. Additionally, the @mention feature sends an instant notification so you can get timely feedback.

File Management

The file management features of Wrike are so impressive that many users suggest that this program can replace traditional third-party file management software. You will no longer have a need for Foldershare or similar programs. Wrike allows you to handle files with the power of a third-party system, but with all of the additional benefits of a project manager. Keeping everything in the same place is not only beneficial for productivity, it can also save your business money if you choose to drop the extra file management program for this efficient multi-tasker.

Wrike Pricing

All of these Wrike features and cloud storage probably make you want to give the software a try. Your first question is probably “How much does Wrike cost?” The biggest advantage of this project management software is that you can use it free for up to five users. However, if you have a larger team of up to 15 users, the professional package will run you about $9.80 per user per month. You can also purchase a business plan that covers 200 users for $24.80/user/month, or the Wrike for Marketers software, which will cost you $34.60 per user per month. Fortunately, volume discounts are available for the business and marketers packages. If you want to know the Wrike cost, determine your business needs and consider one of the packages mentioned above.

Wrike is the perfect solution for any professional in need of a project management program, and you will not have to worry about needing a large Chase payment to be able to use the software. Business owners especially should consider the many benefits of this software for their various employees. Check out Wrike for yourself to see how helpful this award-winning software can truly be.

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