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How Surge Absorbers Help Protect Your Electronic Devices


If you work with electronics, you may have heard of a product called ZNR Transient/Surge Absorbers. ZNR products were created by Panasonic, but they are currently sold on a variety of websites at a very low cost. These gadgets can be useful for anyone who works with a lot of electronics. Primarily, they are designed to withstand high voltages, so they are not compatible with your fitbit. If you are interested in learning more about ZNR Transient/Surge Absorbers, continue reading below.

What Are ZNR Transient/Surge Absorbers?

ZNR stands for Zinc–oxide Non-linear Resistor. They were created by Panasonic in the 1960s. ZNR devices are used to protect electronic equipment, like your DIY inductor, from voltage surges. These devices can withstand large surges and absorb transient overvoltages, which can be useful for a variety of reasons. Their compact size makes them compatible with any environment. Additionally, these products can help you to cut costs and save board space when it comes to managing your electronics. If you are in need of a product that will help to protect your home or office from power surges, consider purchasing ZNR absorbers.


What is an SPD? SPD is short for Surge Protective Device. SPDs, or surge protective devices are just another name for a device that protects electronic equipment from abnormal voltage. Surge absorbers are a part of all SPDs. When a surge enters a surge protective device, the surge absorber eliminates it immediately with low resistance. This helps to protect electronic equipment. Then, once the surge is taken care of, the surge protector returns to a state of high impedance. This is important to note if you are looking to buy surge absorbers on their own. After all, they help protect your electronics just as antispyware software helps protect your PC.

Who Should Use Them?

One beneficial aspect of ZNR Transient/Surge Absorbers is that they are useful in a variety of environments. Most obviously, they can protect consumer electronic equipment when using video editing software or completing any other task. Panasonic may have invented these products in the 60s, but they are still useful for devices of today. Their surge protection capabilities are strong enough to handle any number of devices. ZNR products can be used for more than just everyday computer use, however. They are also useful in protecting home appliances, including gas or petroleum devices. Whether you need protection for dozens of office computers or a few kitchen gadgets, these Transient/Surge Absorbers can come in handy for you.

Where Can I Find Them?

ZNR Transient/Surge absorbers can be found on a number of websites. Panasonic sells a variety of ZNR products. However, you can also purchase them from third-party websites that also sell things like the Google Daydream, such as eBay. Other options include electronic stores such as Arrow Electronics, Mouser Electronics and Digi-Key. One additional benefit of these ZNR products is that they are inexpensive. These products can be found for under a dollar. If you are interested in purchasing one for your home, you can buy it for virtually nothing.

Jameco Electronics

One such place to buy circuit protection transient surge absorbers for your semiconductors is Jameco Electronics, if you prefer to online shop. This online retailer offers a lifetime guarantee for every item sold. In addition, they even have same day shipping. This is especially beneficial if you need circuit protection supplies in a rush. In addition, they offer other computer products, electronic components, electronic kits and projects and much more. You can have a one stop shopping experience for all your electrical supplies needs. If you prefer to shop online and want the peace of mind offered by a lifetime guarantee, consider shopping at Jameco.

Are There Different Kinds?

One thing to look into when purchasing a ZNR product is the model and type. Panasonic has a variety of ZNR Transient/Surge Absorbers on the market. Many of these products are categorized by the amount of voltage they can handle, similar to Raid 1. Some absorbers can handle up to 2500 volts, while others are designed to deal with smaller surges of around 20 volts. In addition to voltages, ZNR products can also be organized based on their maximum peak current. These are all important aspects to take into consideration as you look into purchasing your own ZNR product.

For Industrial Use

If you require surge absorbers specifically for use at an industrial level, like with your Switchvox solutions, Panasonic has industrial devices and solutions just for your needs. The Panasonic industrial surge absorbers offers the ability to withstand large surge currents in a compact size. In addition they provide these products in a wide range of varistor voltages. If you need industrial surge absorbtion, check out the Panasonic lineup from general electronic equipment to industrial use.

ZNR products were designed to protect electronics, not a 1950 Porsche. Their compact design and high-power efficiency makes them an excellent tool for any home or office. If you have ever used a Transient/Surge Absorber, let us know about your experience in the comments down below.

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